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but here is a history of Sunday

The Genealogy 
of Sunday Laws

Sunday Laws in America

The Introduction of Sunday laws - by A T Jones


The following is a list of the major additions to this site, with the most recent changes shown first:

Date Of Changes

October 2, 2019 

Here is a link to a very good article which I have transposed for easier reading.

If you are interested in the advancement of the truth it is "must read".


6 July 2019   Here is a very good answer to the charge that when we say that God does not hurt, punish or destroy any one at any time for any reason, we are downgrading His power.

It is not mine, but I agree entirely with its sentiments.


June 2019

Wow!!  Here it is near the middle of 2019 and I have not added anything!  Not that I have nothing, but circumstances have conspired to delay me.

Anyhow, here are a few thoughts for you.

There are quite a few addition to the "queries I am pondering" list - click here




23 September 2018  A series on what personal Christianity should mean to us.

1 August 2018  The latest list of queries

30 May 2018    Some interesting articles by Leonard Verduin  

23 March 2018    An anonymous article "Musing about God" which you will really enjoy.

11 February 2018  Bite-sized chunks of Crosier's article

6 January 2018  An early article by Crozier (1846)


30 December 2017  Should we keep the feasts today?   Revised

                                Dinosaurs and the Bible


25 October 2017      The kings of Daniel 11 and 12   Revised

29 September 2017

     A reminder of short book on a subject which should be of great interest to us today;    The kings of the north and south today   PDF version      Word version

26 September 2017  (12 November 2013)

    Here's a little story posted some time ago you might like to share with your kids, but first have a good look at it yourself, for it might be different from the gospel you have been taught.

The White Country  PDF version

The White Country Word version

31 Aug 2017  That Trinitarian problem  PDF        That Trinitarian problem  Word

8 July 2107   A direct link to past weekly readings

24 May 2017  Some more "Queries to ponder" added

22 May 2017    A revised "Conversations with a Truthseeker" is available

15 May 2017  For an up-to-date book on the kings of the north and south of Daniel 11   Click here

17 January 2017  Here's a link to a site which has A T Jones' arguments on Sunday laws before the United States Senate Committee on Education and Labor in 1888  

You may have to wait a while for it to load.


2 September 2016

For the latest set of queries and my responses:  Click here

29 August 2016 

I have had many missing links on this site so have put together a "list of site contents by author" and "list by subject" with direct linking, hoping that this will solve the problem.

                                                    Site Contents by author

Site contents by subject

20 August 2016   "Paying" for Sins"                    

                          Some of the articles on my site

                           Here's my understanding of DANIEL and THE REVELATION

2 July 2016   What's this about an INVISIBLE church?

6 June 2016    When did Christ die?

3 May 2016   Why is there a temple/sanctuary in heaven?  Not,  "Is there one?"  But what is it's purpose?

             Here's the PDF version  In heaven

1 April 2016   Here's a link to the written April query - Saints and Sinners

January  Lamb's blood 

February  The passover rituals expanded

March  I die daily!

12 January 2016

An idea that has puzzled me since I joined Adventism is the loose talk I have often heard that the ritual of offering a lamb in the sanctuary was a picture of becoming a Christian.  It is often mixed up with the daily "burnt offering".  You may have heard of it as "justification" in the courtyard, "sanctification" in the first apartment, and "glorification" in the second room.  But when I read my Bible I can find no reference to this at all!  It appears to be a made-up story which sounds good but has no Biblical basis in fact. 

So here are my understandings of "how" and "when" the sanctuary rituals picture the change of heart.   The Lamb's Blood.    The Rituals of the Passover. 



3 October 2015 

There's been some talk recently about the idea that America is the Land of Liberty, especially religious liberty, and that it was founded by God.  If you read this link you will soon see that this is all nonsense - the States have always persecuted NonConformists.  In fact the founding fathers went out of their way to ensure that Federal government would not be able to pass religious laws favouring one religion over another.  But have a look at this  Sunday Laws in America

18 September 2015

            Now for the second part of the judgment    The second judgment

3 September 2015

                How about a look at the judgment?   Judgment day

17 May 2015   Are you interested in why the SDA church was raised up?  It can't be just the Sabbath truth for there were already Seventh-day Baptists in the world.  I believe that we have lost our way and have taken our eyes off from the goal the LORD set for us!  Have a look at this and see whether you agree with me.    JACOB's TROUBLE

21 March 2015

                    Have a look at my definition of marriage  MARRIAGE


22 January 2015

                Here's an interesting thought    "But for this . . ."

20 January 2015

   Somebody is to come in the spirit and power of the old Elijah.  What will he teach?  See if you agree with me!  The NEW Elijah


13 December 2014

                    Here's an interesting item I came across recently in a Bible program on my computer.  It raises some delicate points regarding what we call ourselves, and why.  The name Christian.


22 September 2014

                    For those who have been interested in the weekly Bible readings here is a link whereby you can access all of them book by book in the PDF format.  Readings


9th September 2014

                              Here's an old article regarding God's view of the Rules of War.


6th August 2014          Some queries for us to ponder.  I plan to give you my understanding of them one by one,

                                            unless someone asks for a particular one.

                                    In the meantime you might like to ask the Spirit for enlightenment if you think they are relevant.


28th May 2014            The postscript from Leonard Verduin's book "The Reformers and their Stepchildren" shows that BEHIND

                                       the public face of the Reformation there were the children of God doing their thing.

                                                            The Stepchildren


2 May 2014                            This is my understanding of Christianity told in the form of a story. 

                                Let me know what you think of it.  The White Country


29 April 2014                            The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop


27 April 2014                         The death of Nimrod  or  The "Mystery" of Babylon exposed


24 April 2014

An old compilation entitled "Christian Love"


23 March 2014

                            Would you like to understand the sanctuary? 

Try this large book which includes all that the LORD has been able to teach me on the Adventist message.

                                                               The Sanctuary Unpacked


3 March 2014

From time to time I shall be restoring files which have been lost over the years, so if you have already read these please forgive the repetition.  If not you might find them interesting.


                            EGW on Home Schooling

                        Crozier's article on The Sanctuary in 1846

                     Crozier's thoughts on the Atonement being complete at the cross


1 March 2014

I just came upon this site a short while ago

and find that they have some of my old files on it.                  

Thought that this one would interest a lot of you.   Questions on SDA's

27 Jan 2014

                      It seems to me that at this time we should look at the history of SDA church again. 

                        Many years ago I wrote an article called "A Short History" and here is its link.

                                                             A Short History

13 January 2014

For those who are interested in the weekly readings, the chapters of Jeremiah, Job and Esther are now available on the following links:

                               Jeremiah      Job      Esther


12 November 2013    Here's a little story you might like to share with your kids, but first have a good look at it yourself, for it might be different from the gospel you have been taught.

The White Country  PDF version

The White Country Word version

(These links don't seem to work so I have tried again further up the page.)

1 November 2013     Just what is the "Strong Delusion" which has fallen on the professed people of God?

                                And could we be fooled by something like that today? 

                             Have a look at this thought as an alternative to the Sabbath School Quarterly.

The Sanctuary

                                                  There is more to come on this subject. 

                                I should warn you that it has a very different approach to that

                                                which is normally taken by professed Christians,

             so don't read it unless you are prepared to pray and think carefully about the subject..


2 August 2013                              "How it all Began" by A T Jones

Chapter 21 of "Ecclesiastical Empire" - titled The Spirit of the Papacy.

PDF version

Word version


5 July 2013 Crozier's 1846 article on The Sanctuary SIMPLIFIED!!

PDF version

Word version

Because of the complexity of Crozier's style, we have edited it and made a PDF edition which makes it more readable for today's readers.  But be warned, it contains thoughts which the church has ignored, rejected, and outright denied! You will need to judge whether he was right or not.


1 January 2013                                  Sinning and Confessing

Just what is entailed in confessing our sins,

and why do we have to do it if forgiveness is automatic?


13 December 2012                Here's a special article on "The Body of Christ on the Cross"

                                                I should warn you that it has a very different approach to that

                                                which is normally taken by professed Christians,

             so don't read it unless you are prepared to pray and think carefully about the subject..


29 September 2012                Why the Sanctuary in the Old Testament?


3 Jan 2012                            An article on Circumcision and its meaning


30 Nov 2011                            The Seven Trumpets (and the three woes)

                                            An up-to-date look at the warnings of the trumpets


27 November 2011             The kings of the North and South

                      Have you read the prophecy of the kings of the north and south lately

                                             and seen its significance to our time?


22 July 2011                              The blood of Jesus - what does this mean?

This is a strange phrase used in the Bible - do you know what it means?


21 July 2011                   Here's a quick overview of the book The Revelation


1 February 2011                    The Life of Elijah as revealed in the scriptures.


19 October 2010                  Try "Jake's story" for a new angle on an old theme

21 Sep 2010

We often hear that the "blood of a lamb" covers us when we confess our sins.  This is NOT Biblically true!!   Maybe we should look into that a bit?

Try "Bulls, goats and ashes" for a closer look at this subject.

17 Sep 2010

We are told that the Sabbath and the state of the dead will be the two issues hotly disputed in the last days.  "Through the two great errors, the immortality of the soul and Sunday sacredness, Satan will bring the people under his deceptions. While the former lays the foundation of spiritualism, the latter creates a bond of sympathy with Rome." GC 588.1. 

Do you understand the difference between the first and second death?

Read "The Two Deaths" and see if it helps to clarify your thoughts.

This study is also available to download as a PDF file.

23 May 2010               

                              A truth you won't believe!!   Habakkuk didn't!

                                    Isaiah's presentation of the new world

                       Another new thought for you - does it sound right?

12 April 2010 

                                            Ten toes and Ten horns

Another look at an old prophecy

PDF version


11 April 2010

That which is different BUT called by the same name

This article addresses a very important principle in Bible study.

PDF version


11 April 2010

The creation of Eve

Have you ever wondered why Eve was made from a rib?  Have a look at this article and get a new slant on the story.


3 December 2009

 Two or three witnesses?

This thought is often used as a reason for comparing one text with another text or texts, and deciding what is the meaning by the weight of evidence.  But doesn’t that lead to private interpretation too?  Is reading two or more modern versions of the Bible and accepting the one we most think is giving us the truth doing the same thing?


30 November 2009


                            The "Beast of the Bible"

                a new look at the symbolism of the Bible


31 August 2009

The Everlasting Gospel

Personal edition

This is my understanding on what it means to be a Christian.


6 May 2009

The truth about God

as told by young Elihu to the patriarch Job about 2000BC


19 April 2009

The Sabbaths of the LORD

The seventh day SABBATH


the seven sabbaths of the LORD.

(Two things which are called by the same name, but which are different.)



12 December 2008

7 Queries for 7th Day Adventists

Here are some thoughts which came to me recently, some queries I have pondered.


6 June 2008       A thought on God's way versus Baal's way

          This contrasts two statements in the Spirit of Prophecy regarding the actions of the gods of Israel.

                                Joined to God - an explanation of the new birth

                                            by EGW


21 May 2008    Here's a very interesting take on whether God has full control of events in this world

                                      "The defeat of God's will" by M. M. Campbell


1 May 2008   The true and the False Gospels

                            The "short" version

  There has been much talk about "the gospel" in SDA circles. and it seems to me, much confusion.  Here is my attempt to make it simple.

7 April 2008   Another look at God.

    Here's a chance for you to see two sides of the controversy regarding the character of God. 

        Does He  deliberately punish and kill, or not?


December 2007

    Here's a great site dealing with the character of God. 


June 2007

22       Two classes of Melchisedec priests  


7                    The Future (in PDF format)

- the books of Daniel and The Revelation joined by Christ's prophecy in Matthew 24 and 25. 

Feel free to download and share.

April 2007

30     Christianity in a nutshell ....

February 2007

14  Are you worried about forthcoming the Sunday law in the United States of America?  Could it happen overnight, as it were?  Here's a book which tells us about three and a half CENTURIES of Sunday law attempts in that country.

{From the Preface}

Warren Johns's Dateline Sunday will sit somewhere to the right of center – a popularly written history of Sunday blue laws, with major emphasis upon the rationale behind the United States Supreme Court decisions of 1961 and their subsequent legislative fallout. I found his explanation of how Sunday laws came to be regarded as civil legislation with welfare benefits to the public, and thus capable of being rationalized as within the legitimate police power of the state, particularly lucid.

As a practicing attorney‑at‑law, and legal director of the Church‑State Council, a nonpartisan educational organization dedicated to religious freedom and separation of church and state, Mr. Johns is qualified to treat the legal issues. As a frequent contributor to secular and religious magazines, he adds a popular writing style that makes Dateline Sunday a treat instead of a treatment. What fourth‑century Roman emperor authorized the first exemption from a Sunday law? Do automatic coin‑operated laundries, with no one employed on the premises, infringe on Canada's Lord's Day Act? Why did Michigan's unique two‑day (Saturday‑Sunday) law not only tickle the funnybone of that state's reporters but also incur the judicial frown of all eight justices of Michigan's highest tribunal? Johns has the instructive and often entertaining answers.

Dateline Sunday - U.S.A. by Warren L. Johns

January 2007

Let's start the new year with something which should be of great interest to us all,

                  The Gospel of Health from another angle..



December 2006

29  Like to have a look at how the Sunday law could come about?  It may be different from what you are expecting.    The Sunday Laws

Here's a site which has the latest on Sunday and other assorted religious law attempts in the U.S.  It seems to have stopped in 2004 but you can click back to earlier years.  I don't agree with all they say, but I do like their approach.  Maybe you will too!  The second link is to their home page.  Just cancel twice if they ask for a password.  On the home page, down on the left at the bottom of the blue section, there is a link to Religious Laws which is quite interesting.

                   Religious Tolerance                  Home page

29  You can look at the readings for Daniel and The Revelation here if you wish.  We'll add new ones from time to time.  Start here.


28  We're starting a new look at Daniel and The Revelation with this week's Bible reading. So many of the past ideas in the church are not scriptural that we thought it's time to take another close examination of the text.  We believe that Uriah's Smith's idea of an east/west divide which is so opposite to God's north/south, have turned us away from a clear understanding of what is going on. Anyhow, check it out for yourself by signing up and receiving a reading in your Email each week.  You can unsubscribe at any time.



27     Here's a link to E J Waggoner's "The Gospel in Creation" on another site - it's a great read!


October 2006

22  There has been much said and written about the three angels and their messages over the decades since 1844.  The emphasis has normally been on the hour of His judgment, the fall of Babylon, and the mark of the beast, with a background of the heavenly sanctuary and its services.  But relatively little attention has been given to the accompanying message, the everlasting gospel, which needs to accompany the three angels’ messages.  This article is an attempt to rectify that situation.

                    The everlasting gospel as illustrated by the sanctuary ceremonials


July 2006

What is an Anabaptist?  Do you know?  Are you one?  Have a look and see.

                The Daughters of Babylon

June 2006

20  You can now have access to the weekly Bible readings starting with Genesis chapter one. We'll add more from time to time to cover the five books of Moses, then the Letter to the Christian Hebrews and The Acts of the Apostles.

The aim of the series is to show that the Son of God was working with His people right from the gates of the Garden of Eden.  Not just in the prophecies concerning His first advent, but day by day as He was allowed.

“Then He said to them, ‘O fools, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken: ought not Christ to have suffered these things, and to enter into His glory?’ And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, He expounded to them in all the scriptures the things concerning Himself.” Luke 24:25-27.



October 2005

11 Walking with Christ by W W Prescott.

A comment by Ellen White:

"The Lord has visited Brother Prescott in a most remarkable manner and given to him the Holy Spirit to give to this people…. Those who are not in the truth say, "That man speaks from the inspiration of the Spirit of God." We are sure that the Lord has endowed him with His Holy Spirit and the truth is being poured forth from his lips in rich currents. The truth has been listened to by preachers and by people not of our faith. After the meeting they beg of Brother Prescott to give them a copy of these discourses…."

September 2005

21  The Shunammite's Faith by Ron. A tale from the Old Testament with a modern twist.

April 2005

20  A comment received recently in response to one of our weekly Bible readings has prompted these thoughts on the Old Testament behaviour of God’s representative people. We’d like to share them with you. 

Old Testament Behaviour



December 2004

14   There's been a break in our activity onsite due to circumstances beyond our control, but now we are back with a few thoughts to tease your brain.

The Third Angel  possibly a new angle on the three angels' and their messages?

Plan B - the origin and purpose of humanity.

August 2004

11  Today we start a new section, a series of Bible Study volumes which will be available in PDF format.  The first one, #15!! is "Joshua and The Judges."  Others will be listed on this page as they become available.  We're interested in your feedback on this feature so we have placed an Email link on the opening page where you can tell us of your opinions.  Thanks.

            Joshua and The Judges for Beginners           

July 2004

 21 "That Golden Calf Incident" by Ron Parsons

        How the Levites became the workers in God's sanctuary.

June 2004

02  "Babylon is fallen" the angel said.  He did NOT say "Israel" is fallen!

May 2004

31   There's an addition to "Let's get it right" too!

31  Temptation - how to handle it

This summary of temptation and its purpose may be useful for those who are having problems with overcoming sin.

17  The real sign of the second coming. by E J Waggoner

March 2004

30  More on Home Schooling by EGW

"The little children may be Christians, having an experience in accordance with their years. They need to be educated in spiritual things, and parents should give them every advantage, that they may form characters after the similitude [likeness] of the character of Christ."

18  "The Unpardonable Sin" by A T Jones

"Human nature will never be any weaker, the world will never be any worse in itself; human nature will never reach any lower condition in itself, than it had reached when Jesus Christ came into the world.

"The only means by which human nature will be any worse is that the same stage of iniquity will be professing Christianity."

"The Christian Educator"    by E G White
    A series of articles from this periodical, on church and home schools. 

"Gabriel's History Lessons"  by Ron

        Showing the connection between Daniel 11 etc. and Revelation 13
 etc.   replacing a previous article uploaded in November 2003.

February 2004

22   Can a prophet change his written testimony? by S. N. Haskell

Can a prophet re-write his/her own testimony, make changes to it, and yet it be verbally inspired? That depends altogether on what is called changes.



November 2003

14   Gabriel's History Lesson

A easy to understand reading from Daniel chapters 10, 11 and 12.

October 2003

8   A few articles on "How to Study the Bible"

There is a right way and a wrong way to study the Bible - check these out and see which one you use!

"The difference lies in the method by which the Bible is studied. Many earnest students of Scripture will emphatically declare that they take the Bible exactly as it reads. However, when their conclusions are examined, it becomes clear that their claim should be rather that they take the Bible exactly as it reads when the key words are defined according to Webster's Dictionary."

 6  More chapters from "The Two Babylons"

Justification by works

"Of course this of itself would prove little in regard to the affiliation of the two systems, the Babylonian and the Roman; for, from the days of Cain downward, the doctrine of human merit and of self-justification has everywhere been indigenous in the heart of depraved humanity. But, what is worthy of notice in regard to this subject is, that in the two systems, it was symbolised in precisely the same way."

The sacrifice of the mass

"Now, this was the very case in Babylon: and to this character of the goddess queen her favourite offerings exactly corresponded. Therefore, we find the women of Judah represented as simply "burning incense, pouring out drink-offerings, and offering cakes to the queen of heaven" (Jeremiah 44:19). The cakes were "the unbloody sacrifice" she required. That "unbloody sacrifice" her votaries not only offered, but when admitted to the higher mysteries, they partook of, swearing anew fidelity to her."

October 2003

5    Some more chapters from "The Two Babylons"


"Easter is nothing else than Astarte, one of the titles of Beltis, the queen of heaven, whose name, as pronounced by the people Nineveh, was evidently identical with that now in common use in this country [Britain]. That name, as found by Layard on the Assyrian monuments, is Ishtar."

John Baptist's birthday   

"The name of John the Baptist, on the other hand, in the sacred language adopted by the Roman Church, was Joannes. To make the festival of the 24th of June, then, suit Christians and Pagans alike, all that was needful was just to call it the festival of Joannes; and thus the Christians would suppose that they were honouring John the Baptist, while the Pagans were still worshipping their old god Oannes, or Tammuz."

Assumption of Mary

"The doctrine on which the festival of the Assumption is founded, is this: that the Virgin Mary saw no corruption, that in body and in soul she was carried up to heaven, and now is invested with all power in heaven and in earth."

Doctrine and discipline

"When Linacer, a distinguished physician, but bigoted Romanist, in the reign of Henry VIII first fell in with the New Testament, after reading it for a while, he tossed it from him with impatience and a great oath, exclaiming, 'Either this book is not true, or we are not Christians'."

September 2003

16  Here's some interesting Sunday laws I found while surfing the Net!!  You may need to cut and paste to get them to work.


7  Here are some of the chapter headings available from "The Two Babylons" which detail the counterfeit set up by Satan.

Two systems     

"Such was the impression made by that account on the mind of the great Sir Matthew Hale, no mean judge of evidence, that he used to say, that if the apostolic description were inserted in the public "Hue and Cry" [a newspaper]  any constable in the realm would be warranted in seizing, wherever he found him, the bishop of Rome as the head of that "MYSTERY of iniquity." Now, as the system here described is equally characterised by the name of "MYSTERY," it may be presumed that both passages refer to the same system."

The trinity

"The Papacy has in some of its churches, as, for instance, in the monastery of the so-called Trinitarians of Madrid, an image of the Triune God, with three heads on one body."

Mother and child 

"While this had been the original way in which Pagan idolatry had represented the Triune God, and though this kind of representation had survived to Sennacherib's time, yet there is evidence that, at a very early period, an important change had taken place in the Babylonian notions in regard to the divinity; and that the three persons had come to be, the Eternal Father, the Spirit of God incarnate in a human mother, and a Divine Son, the fruit of that incarnation."

The child in Assyria    

"It was from the son, however, that she derived all her glory and her claims to deification. That son, though represented as a child in his mother's arms, was a person of great stature and immense bodily powers, as well as most fascinating manners.

In Scripture he is referred to (Ezekiel 8:14) under the name of Tammuz, but he is commonly known among classical writers under the name of Bacchus, that is, "The Lamented one."

The child in Egypt

"This was the way in which Osiris, "the son, the husband of his mother," was often exhibited, and what we learn of this god, equally as in the case of Khonso, shows that in his original he was none other than Nimrod. It is admitted that the secret system of Free Masonry was originally founded on the Mysteries of the Egyptian Isis, the goddess-mother, or wife of Osiris. But what could have led to the union of a Masonic body with these Mysteries, had they not had particular reference to architecture, and had the god who was worshipped in them not been celebrated for his success in perfecting the arts of fortification and building?"

The child in Greece  

"Coming into Greece, not only do we find evidence there to the same effect, but increase of that evidence. The god worshipped as a child in the arms of the great Mother in Greece, under the names of Dionysus, or Bacchus, or Iacchus, is, by ancient/ inquirers, expressly identified with the Egyptian Osiris."

The death of the child 

"The identity of Nimrod, however, and the Egyptian Osiris, having been established, we have thereby light as to Nimrod's death. Osiris met with a violent death, and that violent death of Osiris was the central theme of the whole idolatry of Egypt. If Osiris was Nimrod, as we have seen, that violent death which the Egyptians so pathetically deplored in their annual festivals was just the death of Nimrod. The accounts in regard to the death of the god worshipped in the several mysteries of the different countries are all to the same effect."

The deification of the child

"Now, if there be such evidence still, that even Pagans knew that it was by dying that the promised Messiah was to destroy death and him that has the power of death, that is the Devil, how much more vivid must have been the impression of mankind in general in regard to this vital truth in the early days of Semiramis, when they were so much nearer the fountain-head of all Divine tradition. When, therefore, the name Zoroastes, "the seed of the woman," was given to him who had perished in the midst of a prosperous career of false worship and apostacy, there can be no doubt of the meaning which that name was intended to convey.

"And the fact of the violent death of the hero, who, in the esteem of his partisans, had done so much to bless mankind, to make life happy, and to deliver them from the fear of the wrath to come, instead of being fatal to the bestowal of such a title upon him, favoured rather than otherwise the daring design."

The mother of the child 

"At first, in all likelihood, there would be no thought whatever of ascribing divinity to the mother. There was an express promise that necessarily led mankind to expect that, at some time or other, the Son of God, in amazing condescension, should appear in this world as the Son of man. But there was no promise whatever, or the least shadow of a promise, to lead any one to anticipate that a woman should ever be invested with attributes that should raise her to a level with Divinity."

Christmas and Lady-day

"How comes it that that festival was connected with the 25th of December? There is not a word in the Scriptures about the precise day of His birth, or the time of the year when He was born. What is recorded there, implies that at what time soever His birth took place, it could not have been on the 25th of December. At the time that the angel announced His birth to the shepherds of Bethlehem, they were feeding their flocks by night in the open fields. Now, no doubt, the climate of Palestine is not so severe as the climate of this country; but even there, though the heat of the day be considerable, the cold of the night, from December to February, is very piercing, and it was not the custom for the shepherds of Judea to watch their flocks in the open fields later than about the end of October."

August 2003

29  Because the book "The Two Babylons" is rather hard reading for most of us, we have put together a synopsis of it which may be easier to understand.  We offer this as an introduction to the book.

July 2003

29  Today we start with a new/old book,

"The Two Babylons"


The Papal Worship

proved to be

The worship of Nimrod and his wife

by Alexander Hislop. 

This book has been around since 1853 and has never been refuted and because of this deserves to be carefully perused. It is planned to add succeeding chapters from time to time.

Here is a quote from the author's introduction.

"If the position I have laid down can be maintained, she [The Roman Catholic Church] must be stripped of the name of a Christian Church altogether; for if it was a Church of Christ that was convened on that night, when the pontiff-king of Babylon, in the midst of his thousand lords, "praised the gods of gold, and of silver, and of wood, and of stone" (Daniel 5:4), then the Church of Rome is entitled to the name of a Christian Church; but not otherwise."  

To the book

13  We have a weekly Bible reading running through Email.  This week we start on the book of Leviticus (we have already done Genesis and Exodus) and as Sis White commented to a group of ministers one day, 

{General Conference Bulletin, July 1, 1900 par. 11}

"In the Old Testament are recorded the laws which God gave for the guidance of his people. He would have his people today study these laws."

If you are interested you can Email us through the link above to put you on the list or, you can go to the site and enroll yourself.  Here is this week's reading if you would like to sample it.  The site URL for self-enrolling is

of course, you can unsubscribe at any time.

05  Some articles by E J Waggoner

            Salvation in Jesus Christ

" 'But I don't feel as I ought to; I can not feel that I am saved.' If you have never been saved, how do you know how you ought to feel? You don't know how a saved man feels. If you depend on feeling, you will never know whether you are saved or not, for you will never be sure that you have the right feeling. You may think you are saved all right, and then have your feeling give way and leave you more uncertain than ever. Our feelings are always changing."

            The Rest that Remains for the People of God

"Although God did give to the Israelites the land of Canaan, Abraham had no part in it (see Acts 7:5), neither did Isaac and Jacob, to whom the promise was made as well as to Abraham; and the apostle, after mentioning these patriarchs, and many other worthies, says: "And these all, having obtained a good report through faith, received not the promise; God having provided some better thing for us, that they without us should not be made perfect." Hebrews 11:39, 40. This shows that the possession of the land of Canaan by the Israelites did not fill all the specifications of the promise."

            Witnesses for God

"We are now on trial, and soon the judgment will be pronounced, to decide our eternal destiny. But there is a good deal more pending in that heavenly court than that. God has a case there. He himself is on trial, and this fact with which we have to do is of far greater importance to us than the interests which pertain to ourselves alone."

May 2003

31  Why did Jesus die?  by Ron

24 Have you heard the latest church gossip?  Try this link 

March 2003

24  "The festivals and Feasts" by F C Gilbert

Here's an addition to our "Let's Get it Right" section. 

              A look at Daniel 12 and the 1335 day prophecy.

February 2003

28  "Slavery in ancient/ Israel" by James White

24  "Puzzles" --  from an interesting book

17 "The Conquest of Canaan" What might have been!

12 We have been given a link to an English/French SDA site in Mauritius which we have been told has Daniel and The Revelation in French on it. You might like to try it, it looks interesting.

5 Another article by F. C. Gilbert.

This time one from RH Dec 15, 1983 entitled,

                "Why the Jews Rejected Jesus as the Messiah."



October 2002

13  Chapters 19-23 of

         "From Judaism to Christianity" are now available

These are the last of this book


September 2002

          19 "Arousing the Christian people in behalf of the work among the Jews"  chapter 18

            "How God led in the opening of our first Jewish mission" chapter 17

            17 "A great burden for my Jewish brethren" chapter 16

                "Where is the Lord God of Elijah?" chapter 15

                "Reconciliation with my mother and family" chapter 14


        16 "Ten years in Gentile evangelistic work" chapter 13

            "Beginning to labor for my Jewish brethren" chapter 12

            "A fitting for the work" chapter 11

                                by F. C. Gilbert - the Jewish Christian

August 2002

        29 "The Contrast between Law and Covenant" by George Mendenhall

This is a very simple table which sets out the differences clearly.


        27 "My experiences as a colporteur" chapter 10

                 "The call to the work" chapter 9 by F C Gilbert


        25 "The Punishments of God" and how/why they come -

an attempt to clear up the confusion regarding God as a Punisher of sin

        19  "How God led me to the Saviour"

                        chapter 8 by F C Gilbert

        6 "An Unbelievable Truth"

        Habakkuk's conversation with the Son of God

July 2002

           21  "A Chain of Events" in The Revelation

A new look at the beasts of Revelation chapter 13

        21  "From Judaism to Christianity"  Chapters 4-7

More on the life of F. C. Gilbert, the SDA from Judaism

        12    "From Judaism to Christianity"  Chapters 1-3

        11  "From Judaism to Christianity"    Introduction

This book was written by F. C. Gilbert, a convert from the Jewish faith to Seventh-day Adventism, and first published about 1900.   It is a very interesting background to Jewish thinking.

{RH, April 18, 1893 par. 9}   "With the history of the children of Israel before us, let us take heed, and not be found committing the same sins, following in the same way of unbelief and rebellion."

May 2002

    27 "Our Authorized Bible Vindicated"  Chapter Sixteen (the conclusion)

(p256)  “Again the people of God are called upon to face this subtle and insidious program.

(p257) “It is difficult for them to expose the systematic depravation without being misunderstood, and without being charged with attacking the genuine, while seeking to expose the erroneous mixed with the genuine. They recognize that these modern versions can be used as books of reference even if they cannot be put on a level with the Received Text.

“Paul said, in Acts 17:28, “As certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring.”  Paul quoted good sayings from the pagan poets, but did not use these Greek writers as authority. It is as unthinkable to forbid excellent quotations from pagan land heathen scholars as it would be to place their writings on a level with the pure Word of God.

“Likewise, parts of modern versions edited by scholars may be used with care in considering Bible verses from another angle. This fact, however, is taken advantage of, to claim divine inspiration for all the rest, and sow confusion among the churches of believers.” 


    23 "Practical Lessons" by F. C. Gilbert (1926),

Hebrew Christian and an SDA

Here's a thought on how to treat an erring church

21 "Our Authorized Bible Vindicated"  Chapter Fifteen

"Because of the changes which came about in the nineteenth century, there arose a new type of Protestantism and a new version of the Protestant Bible.  . . .  Now Protestants were asked to choose between the true Protestant Bible and one which reproduced readings rejected by the Reformers."  p244.


    20 "Our Authorized Bible Vindicated"  Chapter Fourteen

"May we not here direct the reader's attention to this startling truth, that rejecting the infallibility and inspiration of the Bible leads to seeking refuge in another infallibility. Among Hindus and others, this is the infallibility of the individual; among the Papists, it comes to the infallibility of the Church."  p237.


     19 "Our Authorized Bible Vindicated"  Chapter Thirteen

“On the 17th of May [1881] the English speaking world awoke to find that its Revised Bible had banished the Heavenly Witnesses and put the devil in the Lord's Prayer.  Protests loud and deep went forth against the insertion; against the omission none.  . . .  Lord Panmure's prediction may yet prove true — the New Version will be the death knell of Protestantism.”   p230.


    18    "Our Authorized Bible Vindicated"  Chapter Twelve

“It is certainly a remarkable circumstance that so many of the Catholic readings in the New Testament, which in Reformation and early post-Reformation times were denounced by Protestants as corruptions of the pure text of God's Word, should now, in the last quarter of the nineteenth century, be adopted by the Revisers of our time-honored English Bibles.” p204.


    13  "Our Authorized Bible Vindicated"  Chapter Eleven

"The former version [the KJV] teaches men that they are converted by a power external to themselves; the later version [RV] teaches them to turn themselves."  p187.


    12  "Our Authorized Bible Vindicated"  Chapter Ten

          The revision Committee "altered the Greek Text in 5,337 places" ... "made 36,000 changes in the English of the King James Version..."  p175.


    08 "The True Gospel of Salvation" by Graham T.

A letter of counsel to a prospective Christian teacher.


"Our Authorized Bible Vindicated" Chapter Nine

This book, by a one-time Dean of Theology at Washington Missionary College, continues to set out the dangers of modern translations of the Bible.


    06  "The Sunday Laws of Today"    (If a password box comes up just "cancel" twice)

Are you familiar with present-day attempts at Sunday laws? Here's a site which will keep you relatively up-to-date.


    05  "Our Authorized Bible Vindicated" Chapter Eight

                       "How the Jesuits captured Oxford University"


    04  "Religious Events of the Future"

            and "Agape - the word that turned the world upside down"

                        are now on the new site.

    03 The Book of Romans     is now on the new site


April 2002

   30  Daniel and The Revelation is now on a new site - check it out


    28  Rome in centuries 1,2,3 and the USA in 19th, 20th, 21st

                    an interesting comparison - see what you think of it


    20  "Our Authorized Bible Vindicated" Chapter Seven

                               Three hundred years of attack

                    "Our Authorized Bible Vindicated" Chapter Six

                      The Jesuit Bible reappears in the Revised


    19  "Our Authorized Bible Vindicated" Chapter Five

                                Born out of struggle

                    "Our Authorized Bible Vindicated" Chapter Four

                            The Jesuit counterattack

         18  "Our Authorized Bible Vindicated" Chapter Three

                        The reformers rejected the papal Bible

                    "Our Authorized Bible Vindicated" Chapter Two

                             The pure Bible

March 2002

          19  "Our Authorized Bible Vindicated"  Chapter One        

                         a new subject by Benjamin Wilkinson

                            There are really only two different Bibles

        01  "Church Authority" by E. J. Waggoner

February 2002

     27  "A Word to the Wise"  

An extract from "The Reformers and their Stepchildren" by Leonard Verduin.

    11    "Truth Triumphant"  chapter 24

                "Truth Triumphant"  chapter 23

    04  "Truth Triumphant"  chapter 22

          "Truth Triumphant"  chapter 21

    03 "Truth Triumphant"  chapter 20

             "Truth Triumphant" chapter 19

January 2002

    31 "The End of the World - in miniature"

        "Old Testament Christians" and their connection to Christ"

    25  Click on the link for a good book you can download for free and share amongst your friends on why the world is in the mess its in!!   It's called "Light on the Dark Side of God" and is one of the best on this subject that I have ever read!

    20  "Truth Triumphant" chapter 18

    13  Thoughts on the New York Attack by Stewart Crafts

     12    "The State - A Revenger " by Stewart Crafts


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