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Truth Triumphant


B. G. Wilkinson

Compilers' Preface

Today we begin a series of chapters from a book entitled, "Truth Triumphant" written by Benjamin G. Wilkinson and published by Pacific Press Publishing Association in 1944.

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This book shows that the historical church in Europe was NOT the inheritor of the gospel from the apostles as so many of us have thought in the past. Indeed it did not receive the gospel until Martin Luther found it in the writings of Paul around 1517AD and this caused him to eventually break away from the Roman Catholic church.

The church of God which did receive the gospel direct from the apostles went "into the wilderness" in 538AD, but NOT UNDERGROUND!

It did its job effectively and silently, but visibly, throughout the entire world – not just in Europe where its arch rival worked for most of its time.

This quote from the book itself will explain most of its subject matter.

"Certain modern authors have assiduously labored to belittle the American founders of religious liberty and democracy, such as Washington, Jefferson, and others. This same class of writers has invaded the realm of church history, and that which was obscure before is growing darker."

"These men seek to give the glory of the Church in the Wilderness to another."

"Sad to relate, many sincere persons are being deceived by the astounding propaganda in books and articles founded on misleading historical bases. It is time to bring to light the many heroic struggles of the men whom God used to preserve the divine (page 11) doctrines and the Holy Scriptures.

The statements here made concerning the Church in the Wilderness and its history will be clarified, enlarged upon, and further explained and supported by evidence from dependable sources." Pages 10-11.

The quote above sets out our reason for wanting to republish this book.

Many Adventists have the idea that the Protestant churches of today are our "sister churches" but this is not so! The word of God tells us that they are known under the general heading of "the false prophet" and are therefore the enemies of God. Revelation 16:13-14.

There are many genuine Christians still in these denominations, but the systems themselves are NOT OF GOD, and their priests know what they are doing. They wave the Babylonian banner of Sunday-keeping for all to see. The very existence of so many groups shows that they are counterfeits!

We do not have "sister churches", for God has only ever had one "wife" and therefore we today are still the same church that was in the wilderness - the Sabbath-keeping one.

Our prayer is that the Spirit of God may be able to show you this
as you read though the book.


There is another book written by the same author.

"Our Authorized Bible Vindicated" [The King James Version]

"This project was highly opposed by the leadership of the church." SDA Encyclopedia, page 1609.

Publication of this book was also opposed by some of his SDA colleagues and the President of the General Conference of those days [1928] required him not to publish the book. Wilkinson agreed. But, because of changed circumstances, it was eventually published in England at his own expense in 1930. This book explains why there are so many new translations of the Bible in the market place today.


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Benjamin G Wilkinson

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