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Our Preface


Author's Preface

by Merlin L. Neff.


Chapter One

 What Is the Church in the Wilderness?

Chapter Two

 The Church in the Wilderness in Prophecy

Chapter Three

 The Apostolic Origins of the Church in the Wilderness

Chapter Four

   The Silent Cities of Syria

Chapter Five

     Lucian and the Church in Syria

Chapter Six

     Vigilantius, Leader of the Waldenses

Chapter Seven

    Patrick, Organizer of the Church in the Wilderness in Ireland

Chapter Eight

Columba and the Church in Scotland

Chapter Nine

Papas, First Head of the Church in Asia

Chapter Ten

How the Church Was Driven Into the Wilderness

Chapter Eleven

Dinooth and the Church in Wales

Chapter Twelve

Aidan and the Church in England

Chapter Thirteen

Columbanus and the Church in Europe

Chapter Fourteen

The Church in Europe After the Time of Columbanus

Chapter Fifteen

Early Waldensian Heroes

Chapter Sixteen

The Church of the Waldenses

Chapter Seventeen

Aba and the Church in Persia

Chapter Eighteen

Timothy of Bagdad; The Church Under Mohammedan Rule

Chapter Nineteen

The St. Thomas Christians of India

Chapter Twenty

The Great Struggle in India

Chapter Twenty-one

Adam and the Church in China

Chapter Twenty-two

Marcos of Peking

Chapter twenty-three

The Church in Japan and the Philippines

Chapter twenty-four

The Remnant Church Succeeds the Church in the Wilderness

To a series of quotes from old manuscripts regarding the "Church in the Wilderness"
in every century since the cross.

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