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December 2000

31 "Love Answered" Conversation #38

31 "The Greatest Commandment" Conversation #37

27 "The Name of God" Conversation #36

19 "Sixth vial (6th plague)" Conversation #35

09 "Tabernacle Teachings" the earthly sanctuary service in a nutshell

09 "How to Study the Bible" by E J Waggoner

November 2000

08 An update of "The Origin of the church"

October 2000

26 "The Latter Rain NOW!" by E G White

24 "The Sunday Laws" Past, present and future by Ron

17 "Conversations with a Truth Seeker"
This will be added to from time to time so you might like to bookmark it.

14 Try our "Thoughts" page
occasionally for new items

12 "Revelation 17" by Ron

12 "Understanding Daniel 2" by Ron

September 2000

29 "666 Re-visited" by Ron
Another addition to "Let's Get it Right"

28 "The Downtrodden Sanctuary" by R A Ainslie
An addition to our "Let's Get it Right" Section

25 "Dare any of You!" by S. Crafts
One way of uniting church and state

August 2000

08 "The Swiss Catastrophe" by J H D'Aubigne
A warning to those who would unite church and state

06 "Religious and Political Freedom" by J H D'Aubigne

04 "Copyrighting the name" by S. Crafts

July 2000

28 "The Purpose of Prayers for Others" Clearing up a misconception on how prayer works.

18 "That They May All Be One" More thoughts on unity by Ellen G White.

17 "A Course on How to Study the Bible" If you have a problem with God destroying people, then this is the place for you.

June 2000

4 "Wilderness Wandering & the Sabbath" by R A Ainslie

3 "The Stone of Daniel Two" by S. Crafts

3 "Corporate Decisions" by S Crafts

May 2000

11 "The Birth of Protestant-ism" by D'Aubigne

11 "The Protest Document" by D'Aubigne

April 2000

14 "Watch Therefore" an old story

13 "The Close of probation" by E G White

13 "Fanaticism" by D'Aubigne

12 "The Nicolaitans" by the Protestors

11 "Thoughts on Unity" by E G White

11 "An Important Principle" by J H M D'Aubigne

10 "From Babylon to New Jerusalem" by A T Jones

06 "Twenty Centuries of Christian Sabbath-keeping" by Pastor J. F. Coltheart, 1954.

March 2000

18 "The Atonement at Calvary" by O. R. L. Crozier

January 2000

05 "Sanctification - True and False" by E G W

03 "Do you know?" A reminder of the purpose of Christianity

02 A repeat of "The Origin of the church" for those who still have a great regard for the visible structure on earth.

December 1999

29 "Hardening Pharaoh's Heart" by E J Waggoner

19 "Predestination" by E J Waggoner

November 1999

7 "Luther, on Protest-ant-ism" by D'Aubigne

October 1999

29 " A Letter to the "DayStar" by Ellen G. Harmon (White)

29 "The Judgment - in Precept" by Ron Parsons

22 "Luther, on offshoots" by J H D'Aubigne

7 An "Appeal on Immortality" by James White

6 "I Protest Again" by Ron Parsons (More on the Protest)

September 1999

26 "Problems?" How to deal with: sins, doctrines, sickness, money.

26 "Joe's Story" by R Ainslie - A simple version of the book of Job

21 "I Protest" by Ron Parsons (A reason for the existence of this site)

10 "Luther, on Righteousness" by J H D'Aubigne

August 1999

3 The "Three Angels' Messages in plain English"

July 1999

31 "The Resurrections" A query on the state of the dead

26 "Hardening Paharaoh's Heart" by EGW

5 We have modified the item "Let's Get it Right"

It suggests new ways of looking at old Adventist thoughts. We hope to update it from time to time and will advise here when this happens. In the meantime there are 5 suggestions you may want to look at.

#1 Are we correct in saying that Adam and Eve "fell" into sin?

#2 What about the Y2K hysteria?

#3 Who is waiting for whom?

#4 Are the ten toes really the nations of Europe?

#5 Should we hobnob with the Protestants?

#6 Is there a third beast in Revelation chapter 13?


June 1999

27 "The Purpose of Human Life" Based on EGW

25 "The Testimony of the Centuries" by A T Jones

25 "The Fall of Babylon" by A T Jones

May 1999

23 The Ultimate "Joshua and the Angel" Experience

23 "Elijah, Ahab and Jezebel"

23 "The Image of the Beast"

23 The World Council of Churches

11 "The Ten Commandments in the New Testament"

10 "The Simple Truth of Christianity"

February 1999

25 "A study on the letter to the Romans" with notes by E J Waggoner

09 "Women of Israel - Rebekah" by Grace Aquilar

January 1999

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21 "The Message in Action" by E G White

December 1998

21 "How to be perfect"!! by Peter

18 "Reproduce the Works of the Elders" by E G White

09 "The Purpose of Human Life" by E G White

08 "The Future" as shown by Daniel and the Revelation

06 "Clean! In the Sight of God" A study in Leviticus 14

November 1998

15 "Quotable quotes" Various authors

15 "The QUIET Judgment"

15 "The Original Sunday Laws" A T Jones

14 "Two Covenants" E G White

14 "Jacob's Trouble" E G White

14 "Joshua and the Angel" E G White

14 "Jacob's Night of Wrestling" Scripture

02 "Our Great Need of Prayer"

October 1998

22 "The Latter Rain" E G White

22 "Our Great Need of the Holy Spirit" E G White

August 1998

27 "The Origin of the Church" #19 in the Scripture Library

23 Some additions to the Scripture Library

21 "A Picture of some Final Day Events" by E G White

21 "Zechariah chapter 14" by Ron Parsons

14 "The Controversy Ended" by E G White

June 1998

16 "Items especially for our female visitors" by various authors

13 "The Judgment" (or Waymarks of Daniel to the Holy City)" by James White

MAY 1998

31 "Tempted on all points like as we are" by E G White

28 "The Attributes of God" by E G White

20 "The Last Conflict" by E G White

15 "The Wedding Garment" by E G White

14 "A Message to our Churches" by E G White

07 "Pure Christianity" by E G White

APRIL 1998

23 "Who is waiting for Who?" Another misconception in Adventism

23 Connections to "Articles on Righteousness by Faith" on this site

21 "The Basic Facts" Why the SDA church should be separate from other churches

15 "Let's Get It Right!" An attempt to clear up some of the hoary misconceptions of Adventism

08 "Christian Patriotism" by A T Jones The separation of church & state

06 "Opposing Principles" by A T Jones The difference between Rome and Christianity

MARCH 1998

28 "Standing on the Promises" Some of the wonderful promises of God.

27 "Ask the LORD" by EGW. A morning talk at Battle Creek 1901.

27 "The Judgment of God and How it works" Lay the blame where it belongs!!

24 "Christ Our High Priest" by EGW. Manuscript 50, 1900

22 "The Victorious Life" by EGW. Her last letter.

20 "The Atonement" Both past & future. Letter #6 by M L Andreasen

20 "Inherited Passions" Did Jesus have them? Letter #5 by M L Andreasen

20 "Making void the law" Some pages from "Christ Our Righteousness" by E J Waggoner (1888)

16 "The Day and the Hour" of Jesus' coming by James White (1876)

15 Our "Sinful Flesh" by A T Jones. A good explanation of what the term means.

15 "Shall it be Grace or Sin?" by A T Jones. (In our opinion,

............... This is the simplest explanation of righteousness and sanctification, by faith,

............................................................................. that has ever been written!!!)

12 "Ten Tools for Christian Carpenters" A practical 'way' of sanctification.

12 "The Purpose of the Sabbath" What the Sabbath really means to Christians.

07 "Ten Toes" A look at the ten toes of Nebuchadnezzar's statue.

07 "A Resume" by M L Andreasen. His fourth letter to the churches.

06 The preface to the book "Prophetic Lights", by E J Waggoner.

06 "The Parables of Matthew 13" The eight parables regarding the work of the Christian.

05 " 'Family' photos" An album of the elders (to be added to as more become available)

05 "The Original Sunday Laws" by A T Jones. The laws of the Roman Empire.

05 "The Mark of the Beast" and his number! An introduction to "Original Sunday Laws".

05 "Downgrading Mrs. White" by M L Andreasen. His third letter to the churches.

02 "Perfection, From the Bible" Some texts dealing with perfection.

02 "The Perfect Christian" The Bible story of a perfect Christian.



27 An "alpha" list of articles on the site
27 The "Gospel in the Old Testament" by James Edson White (1903)
26 "Attempted Tampering [with EGW books]" by M. L. Andreasen (1959)
26 "The Incarnation - was Christ exempt?" by M. L. Andreasen (1959)
26 "Changing the Impaired Image of Adventism" by LeRoy Edwin Froom (1971)
24 "The Lord Our Righteousness" by W. H. Branson (1952) Onetime Pres. Gen. Con.
24 Some pages from "1888 Re-Examined" by Elders Wieland and Short (1950)
24 The appendices for "A Short History" are now there!!
22 Some pages from "Christ Our Righteousness" by A G Daniells (1924)
(Onetime President of the General Conference).
20 A direct link to "The Cleansing of the Sanctuary" by A T Jones
14 "The Origin of the Earthly Sanctuary" Why there once was an earthly sanctuary.
13 "Which God?" The difference between the LORD and the lord.
09 "The Scripture Library" Various Scriptures with helps
09 "The Consecrated Way to Christian Perfection" by A T Jones
05 "The QUIET Judgment" The Day of Atonement ceremony in Leviticus 16
05 "Are YOU an Evolutionist?" by A T Jones
04 "The Science of Redemption" a trilogy of faiths
(1. Justification, by faith ..... 2. Sanctification, by faith .....
3. Translation, by faith)
04 "How to Meet a Controverted Point" by EGW
04 "What the Revelation means to us" by EGW


30 "Wise Sayings" various authors
30 "All You Wanted to Know About the Bible"
29 "The Unpardonable Sin" by EGW
29 "Translation, by faith" by EGW
29 "Rejecting Light" by EGW
29 "The Continuing Sacrifice"
28 "Kingly Power" by EGW
22 "The Sanctuary" by O. R. L. Crozier and a plain English Condensation of it
19 "Christianity in the Old Testament".
19 "Kingdom of Grace" (SDA & non-SDA versions)
12 "Temptation of Christ in the Wilderness" EGW Her MOST important book!!!!!
11 "Using Righteousness"
10 "Righteousness, by Faith"
10 "Relation of Faith and Works"
08 "The Purpose of Controversy in the Church"
07 "The Church Under Attack" article, plus the others
26 "God's-eye View of His church"
26 "What is heaven like?"
26 "God does destroy - But how?"
26 "The Atonement on the Cross"
26 "Bible Studies in Romans", chapters 6, 7, 8 by E J Waggoner
22 "A Short History of the Third Angel's Message" ...
20 "A Thought to Share"
14 "Two Questions for Christians"
12 December 1997 The page was first created.


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