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Most of the books below are Bible text books, each with its own subject matter. They are not necessarily in order of importance, they just came out that way!

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I would certainly appreciate any comments you may have on any of these books, where they could be improved for instance. Not the ones with Bible text, naturally, for they are just the King James Version of the Bible with changes to the old-fashioned words, but maybe to the headings and explanations which I have added.

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The Image of the Beast or  Why YOU should keep Sabbath

An Appeal for Immortality A discussion on the "immortal soul".

A special for parents!! Click for a few thoughts on Christ and your children.


#1 Exodus 19-20, 31 --------The Purpose of the Sabbath

#2 Leviticus 23:1-44 --------The Yearly Ceremonies Today

#3 Leviticus 16:1-34 --------The Quiet Judgment Day

#4 John 11:1-46 -------------The Resurrection of Lazarus

#5 Romans 7-8 ---------------The Christian 'Marriage'

#6 Hebrews 1-3 -------------Our Christian Brother

#7 Acts 2, 1 Cor 12 & 14--- Speaking in Tongues

#8 Hosea 1-3 ----------------God's Love Story

#9 Various Scriptures-------- Things Old & Things New About Christ

#10 Psalms 22-24----------- The Christ on the Cross

#11 Genesis 1 ---------------Another Look at the Creation Story

#12 Genesis 2-3------------- Eve's Place in the Scheme of Things

#13 Matthew 13:1-58 ------The Parables of Christ

#14 Romans 9-11 -----------The Place of the Jews in Christianity

#15 Isaiah 55-56 ------------The 'Way' of God

#16 John 14-17------------- Christ's Last Words to His Disciples

#17 Matthew 22 & 25------ Parables of the Wedding/Judgment

#18 Hebrews 3&4 etc.----- The 'Rest' of God

#19 Ezekiel 16 ............... The Origin of the church


Non-Biblical texts

The kingdom of Grace

The Miracle at Calvary

The Protection of God

Standing on the Promises of God

Agapë - the love of God


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