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Abraham meeting Jesus Jul 96
Abraham's nation Oct 03
Adam - did he fall? Feb 99
Adam - Did he fall or jump? #2 Feb 99 (Repeated)
Adultery and Fornication  May 2020
All Israel shall be saved Apr 2006
Animal sacrifices, their meanings Jul 99
Animals in the new world Oct 10
The ark of the covenant  May 2019
The ashes of a red heifer Sep 10
The ashes (again)  Jun 14 
Authority of Higher Powers May 03
Babylon, What is it? Apr 2000
Babylon's system May 2000
Beast of Revelation 13  Mar 15

Beasts of Revelation 13 (MORE) Jun 15 

Beast (third) of Rev 13  Jul 2015

Before the tabernacle was built  Feb 14 
Begotten The Day of   Nov 2002
Begotten of God  Jul 2019 
Being righteous May 2012
Belly and Thighs of Daniel 2  Oct 2015 
The blood of Jesus Jul 11
The body of Christ Nov 12
The Book of The Revelation Jun 11
Bread from heaven Aug 96
Bulls, goats and ashes Aug 10
Burnt & sin offerings Dec 99
Burnt offerings  Aug 2014 
Cain's offering Nov 04
Cain's offering 2 Jan 06
Cain's anger Apr 05
Cain's wife May 04
Cain's wife Aug 08
Ceremonies of the OT June 07
Christ the Passover Nov 96
Christ and Satan - can you tell the difference?  June 2017
Cleansing the ex-leper  May 14  
Contradictions in the Bible? May 97
Confusing the tongues (at Babel)  February 2018 
Christians in the Old Testament Jan 02
Christian Criticism Jan 07
Christian race  Apr 17
THE Church Feb 09
Church, where did it come from? Mar 08
The church of God  June 2019  
Circumcision Jan 12
The Comings of the LORD Jun 10
Corporate salvation  Dec 2016
The crowns on the beast  Apr 2015
Crucified with Christ Apr 97
The Curse Jun 05
The curse on the earth Mar 2006
The Cup Jul 05
Daily Sacrifices  Mar 2014 
Daniel and The Revelation  Oct 2019
Day & hour of Christ's coming Oct 1997
Day of "begetting" Nov 2002
Daughters of Babylon Dec 2005
Death, is it necessary? Apr 2008
Death, What is it?  Jul 2018 
Deaths, the first and the second Jul 2010
Death of Christ  Jun 2016 
Death of the rebels Aug 2012
Death of John Baptist Jul 2002
Destroy this temple Jun 1996
Did Peter become a satan? Mar 2004
Did Adam fall? Feb 1999
Dinosaurs and their end Jul 2006
Dinosaurs and the Bible  Jan 2018
Dispensation of the Fullness of Time Feb 2012
Divine_order_in_the_church  Nov 2020 
Does God destroy? Feb 2000

See also HOW God destroys Feb 2008

Does God destroy His enemies? Nov 07
Did God destroy the Amalekites? Jul 07
Does God co-operate with sinners? Apr 04
Does God_have_to_pay for sins  Aug 2019 
Destroy this temple Jun 96
Eating the word Oct 02
The end of the rebellion Feb 06
Educating our children May 02
The Eighth head  Dec 2015
Elijah in the last days  Oct 2016       
Elijah - is he coming back? Aug 2007
Elijah's work (not his mission)  Sep 2018     
Elijah - why he ran Jun 2008
Elijah and the Laodicean message Feb 2011
European Community in Daniel 2  Sep 2016 
Events of Revelation 11  Jan 2017
The everlasting gospel Nov 06
The Everlasting Gospel  July 2017 
Evolution and one of its ideas Jun 01
Executions at the golden calf Nov 10
Eye of a needle  Apr 2020
The Feasts of the LORD - keeping them today  Oct 2017 

Should we keep the feasts today  Jun 18

The Feast of Tabernacles Aug 2020
Feet washing May 05
Feet and toes of statue May 10
Fig tree in vineyard Jun 98
The "fit" man Apr 01
The "fit" man's works May 01
A Fighting God? Feb 10
Flesh & blood Aug 96
Flesh & blood Repeated Oct 96
Food offerings Sep 14
Four Gospels & Two trees? Dec 97
Fourth angel Mar 2011
French Revolution  Aug 2015 
Giants in those days Jul 09
God's protection Jul 08
Godly plants Jan 03
God of the Old Testament  Jan 17 
Gog and Magog Who are they? Oct 08
Gospel of Health Jan 07
Grace, saying it at meals Dec 10
The half an hour of Rev 8:1 Jul 2020 
Holes in His hands Dec 07
(Is the) Holy Spirit a person? Sep 98
Homosexuality Feb 1998
Hosea's wife  Jul 13 
Hour of judgment June 09
Hour for dead to hear Jul 98
How are dead raised? Aug 99
How God destroys Feb 08
How does God view homosexuals? Apr 10
Humans and angels Sep 05
I die daily  Mar 2016 
Inspiration of Scripture Dec 06
The Invisible church May 07
The Invisible Church  July 2016 
Is there an immortal soul? Sep 99
Is there a Trinity? Jan 99
Is the Bible infallible?  May 2018 
Jericho - the ill-fated city  Mar 2018 
Jesus in the Old Testament Sep 02
Joining the church  Aug 2018
Judgment of God June 09
Judgment day Oct 14
Justified by faith Aug 09
Keeping the Feast of Unleavened Bread Oct 06
Kingdom of Heaven Dec 02
Kingdom suffers violence Aug 98
Kingdoms of Hebrews and Jews  Jan 2020
The Lamb's Blood  Jan 2016 
The Lake of Fire - who causes it? Sep 08
The Lake of Fire - Satan's end  Dec 14 
The Laodicean condition Feb 05
The "locusts" of Revelation 9 Sep 11
The Little season Sep 12

The Little Season  Feb 2017 

Made like His brethren Dec 00
Man of Romans chapter 7 Nov 98
Man, Mindful of Jun 97
Manner of spirit you are of Jan 97
Manna and quails Jun 06
Mark of the beast Feb 07
Mark on Cain Sep 97
The Meaning of the sacrifices Mar 2019
Meat eating? Dec 99
Meat eating versus vegetarianism June 00
The mind of Christ Aug 06
The mini resurrection  May 2017        
Move God by prayer, How to Mar 00
Nature of the Christian Aug 00
New Moons  Oct 2020 
The new Elijah  Feb 2015   
That number 666! Dec 2009
The "Other" Principle Jan 09
The Origin of Nations Sep 03

The Origin of Species Nov 03

(An) Overview of The Revelation Jan 10
Papal Supremacy Jan 2015  
Parables, Speaking in Mar 03
The Passover Apr 12
The Pass Over Dec 2013 
Passover and Burnt Offering Jan 13
Passover rituals  Feb 2016 
Paul and the appeal to Caesar Oct 05
Paying for sins  Aug 2016
Perfection, baptisms Jul 97
Perfect, Being Feb 03
Persecution, Sickness and Old Age Dec 2018
Polluting the sanctuary Apr 14  
Position of the high priest Aug 11
Power to heal Jun 1999
Politics and Christians Nov 00
Pray without ceasing Aug 97
Prayers for Others Oct 00
Prayer for others  Feb 2019
Predestination  2013
Presumption versus Faith Oct 04
Priesthood of Believers Apr 03
Private interpretation Dec 08
Prodigal son  March 2020 
Producing fruit  Nov 2017  
Prophecies of Daniel 12 Jul 03
Purpose of Old Testament Rituals Jan 01
Purpose of the fit man  Sep 2020 
The rebirth  Oct 13 
Redemption? Oct 99
Red heifer  Nov 16 
Rejected Stone Dec 96
Religious Titles Aug 03
Removal of sin May 08
Repeating the three angels' messages Apr 09
The First Resurrection Oct 01
Special resurrection at Calvary Feb 13
The PURPOSE of the resurrection Mar 07
Return from the wedding May 98
Revelation 11  Jan 2017
Sabbath versus sabbath Jul 00
Sanctification, What is it? Mar 97
Sanctified at birth? Nov 11
Sacrifices and Rituals Pt 2 Feb 01 (Daily Living)

The Third Angel Aug 2004

Sacrifices and Rituals Pt 3 Mar 01 (Total cleansing)
Saints and Sinners  Apr 2016 
The sanctuary in heaven  May 2016    
Satan's seat Mar 09
Saved by Grace Jul 01
Scapegoat transaction Nov 01
The sealing of the 144,000 Sep 09
The Second Angel Jul 04
The second beast of Rev 13  Apr 2018 
The Second Judgment  Nov 2014
Seven Spirits of God? May 2009
Seven angels with seven messages April 11
Seven angels of Rev 14  Nov 2018 
Seven angels with trumpets Aug 13
The Shepherd and His sheep Aug 05
Should we keep the feasts today  Jun 2018
Sign of the Son of man Feb 02
Sinning/confessing Dec 98
Slain from foundation of the world Apr 98
Smiting Pharaoh Jul 12
Speaking in Parables Mar 03
Special resurrection at Calvary Feb 13
Stone of Stumbling Dec 96
The Strong Delusion Nov 2013 
Suffers violence Aug 98 (Kingdom of Violence)
Talking in tongues? Feb 97
The curse Jun 05
The Dilemma facing us Sep 2019 
Temptation, how to overcome it Mar 98
Temptation, how to handle it Jun 04
Temples and cathedrals  May 13 
Ten Horns of Daniel 7  Sep 2015 
Ten Toes versus Ten Horns Dec 01
That number 666! Dec 2009
Third beast of Rev 13  Jul 2015 
The Third Angel Aug 04
Three baptisms Oct 98
Three Judgments Mar 05
"Today" in Paradise Aug 00
The Twins Esau and Jacob Aug 01
Transfer of sin Dec 12
Trinity Jan 99
Trinity Sep 2017  
True Education Sep 01
True Gospel Dec 11
Twelve hours in the day Feb 04
Two deaths, what's the difference? Jul 10
Two groups of Christians in the last days? Jan 2011
Two justifications, what's the difference? Oct 2011
Ultimate Christian Experience  Jan 2019

Under the Law Mar 02

Understanding God's word Jun 02

Understanding the Bible  Mar 2017
The Unbelievable Truth Aug 02

Using Error May 99

Vegetarians, are they weak in faith? Jun 00
Was Peter a satan? Mar 04
What is faith? Jan 00
What is Babylon? Apr 00
What is Babylon? Jan 05
What is a prophet Nov 05
What shall I do to inherit eternal life? Nov 09
Wheels within wheels Nov 97
Where after death? Mar 99
Where did church come from? Apr 99

Where did the church come from? Mar 08

Where should we worship?  May 15 

Where does Satan live?  Jun 2020 
Where was Adam (when Eve sinned)? Mar 12
Why did Jesus die? Jun 2003
Why did Satan help destroy the Canaanites?  Feb 2020
Why is the world in such a mess?  Oct 2018 
Why the sanctuary/temple? Oct 2012
Who wrote what in the Bible? Dec 03
Who are Gog and Magog? Oct 08
Who is James? May 06
Why animals as sacrifices? Apr 02
Why use contradictions in the Bible? May 99
Working on Sabbath Mar 10
The woman clothed with the sun Sep 06
The woman who fled Nov 2015 
Women speaking in church April 07
World-wide church  Mar 2022 
144,000 and the multitude  Aug 2017


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