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from Jesus Christ


The warnings and promises Jesus Christ


which reach to the end of time.

written about


by John the apostle




Principal Characters,

places and things

Section One - Chapters One to Eleven

Church history —

an historical perspective

Chapter One The seven churches
Chapter Two Letters to the churches 1-4
Chapter Three Letters to the churches 5-7
Chapter Four The four living creatures
Chapter Five The sealed book
Chapter Six The six seals opened
Chapter Seven The 144,000
Chapter Eight Political events
Chapter Nine The beginning of the religious wars
Chapter Ten The seventh seal opened
Chapter Eleven The two witnesses

Section Two - Chapters Twelve to Twenty-two

World events -

a future perspective

Chapter Twelve The war
Chapter Thirteen Satan's response
Chapter Fourteen The angels' messages
Chapter Fifteen The sea of glass
Chapter Sixteen The seven last plagues
Chapter Seventeen Babylon the great
Chapter Eighteen The fall of Babylon
Chapter Nineteen The marriage
Chapter Twenty The 1,000 years
Chapter Twenty-one The new Jerusalem
Chapter Twenty-two The tree of life

* * * * * * * *

A special note covering the whole book

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