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The book of The Revelation



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His angel

My angel

The angel Gabriel (he stands closest to Jesus as the other covering cherub. Exodus 25:18). It was he who remained behind to help John understand what he was seeing through all the rest of the visions of the book.
John The youngest disciple and apostle of Christ.
Angels of the churches The earthly teachers in the churches.

The word means "messenger"

The name of the the creatures who live on the planet we call "heaven"

But it is also used at times of humans (e.g. the angel of the church, as above)

Baalpeor Literally "lord of the opening". A reference to the sexual nature of some of the old religions.
He that sat on the throne God the Father

(the invisible God - Colossians 1:15; Hebrews 1127; Timothy 1:17; )

The Lion of Judah The Son of God in His strength
The four beasts, or living creatures God's redeemed people as pictured in heaven
The Lamb Jesus the crucified One
A woman The symbol of a church
The woman clothed with the sun The pure church clothed with the righteousness of Jesus Christ
The dragon Satan and his kingdom in its basic form of paganism
The serpent Lucifer as the accuser and deceiver
Satan Literally, "the adversary" or enemy
The beast from the sea Satan’s earthly kingdom in its obvious worldly character - the king of the south
The beast from the earth The last government of Satan's kingdom on this earth
The image of the beast A photocopy of the original "beast"
The 144,000 A special group of Christians who will welcome Christ at His second advent
The first angel The first of seven messengers carrying important advice for God's people, and the people of the world, in the last days and beyond
The woman in scarlet The polluted church (scarlet = sin Isaiah 1:18)

Satan’s earthly kingdom in its religious character - the king of the north

The new world The world which will exist after the problem of sin and sinners has forever been settled. It will be an updated version of the Garden of Eden.

General Information

The beast Satan’s kingdom on earth in its political fullness
A beast(i.e. an animal) Usually a nation or state in opposition to God, but sometimes one represents God's people (e.g. a Lamb)
A horn A strong group - civil or religious
A crown A symbol of ruling power - civil or religious
A head A nation or group temporarily controlling Satan's kingdom
A false prophet Represents religious opposition to God - the anti (in place of) christ
A devil Represents personal opposition to God


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