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One Sacrifice Too Great!


The following passage from a sermon by the late Thomas Hewlings Stockton presents an infinity of truth, and is worthy to stand forever in letters ablaze with eternal glory:



"There was one sacrifice too great for Christ to make.

He was willing to leave the throne of the universe

for the manger of Bethlehem;

willing to grow up as the son of a poor carpenter;

willing to be called the friend of publicans and sinners;

willing to be watched with jealous eyes,

and slandered by lying tongues,

and hated by murderous hearts,

and betrayed by friendly hands,

and denied by pledged lips,

and rejected by apostate priests and deluded populace and cowardly princes;

willing to be sentenced to the cross,

and to carry the cross,

and be nailed to the cross,

and bleed and groan and thirst and die on the cross.


But he was NOT WILLING to wear an earthly crown or robe,

or wield an earthly sceptre, or exercise earthly rule.

That would have been too great a sacrifice.


He did, indeed, endure the crown of thorns

and cast-off purple [robe] and the reed,

and the cry, 'Hail, King of the Jews'.

But this was merely because He preferred the mockery to the reality;

so pouring infinite contempt on the throne,

not only by rejecting it in the beginning of His ministry,

but also by accepting the other at its close."


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