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The House of God

The original sanctuary, or house of God, was a tent looking much like all the others in the camp of Israel. However, by the time of Solomon (c. 1000BC) men desired to make a palace out of God's house even though He is the "meek and lowly" One. The image below gives a good idea of what that palace must have looked like. The sanctuary part is the tall building on the left.


The temple

Herod's temple


The tabernacle

You will find it much easier to understand the movements of the priests during the daily and then the yearly ceremonies by referring to the picture below. No one is exactly sure what the outside of the sanctuary of Moses time looked like, but this is an artist's view from the north. The ark of the covenant (the box containing the Ten Commandments) in the second room is turned around so that you may see it as the high priest saw it on the Day of Atonement. The entrance was on the left, or east side, so that the worshippers had their backs to the rising sun while looking towards God's presence. The original building was about half the size of an ordinary house of today, about 45ft long, by 15ft wide, and 15ft tall.


Moses' tabernacle


To see floor plans of both the sanctuary and the temple, click here.


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