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The Future!

as seen in the books of



The Revelation

with a connecting statement from the book of Matthew


The study Bible for Beginners - Volume 1




The terms of the copyright are quite simple. You may use this book in any way you wish. You may copy and distribute it without restraint, in its original form or in any other language.

There is a freedom in God's word - this is to be sought after and upheld in every generation. Selah.

The text is from the Authorised King James version, with many alterations to old-fashioned words to make it more understandable to modern readers. Some extra punctuation has been included also.

All emphasis, illustrations, notes, and the words in square brackets have been added by the compiler.

Some of the notes and articles supplied are from authors long dead whom I have not identified. This is because they are not intended to be authorities but their words express my thoughts better than I can. Where a modern author is used acknowledgement is made.


May God be able to go with you.


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General Contents

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General Information - Terminology

A guide on how to read the Bible

A guide on how to interpret prophecy

A good tip on how to read the Bible

An Index of the Articles associated with this book


The Book of Daniel

Principal Characters, places and things


Section One - Chapters One to Six

Unlawful laws —

an historical perspective


Chapter One - God always wins & so can you

Chapter Two - The first vision of the future

Chapter Three - Government by whim

Chapter Four - A new man & how it happened

Chapter Five - The Holy Spirit at work

Chapter Six - God is the Problem Solver


Section Two - Chapters Seven to Twelve

A change of method —

From the state rules the church

to religion rules the state

Chapter Seven - Another glimpse into the Future.

Chapter Eight - More details of the future

Chapter Nine - God never leaves us!

Chapter Ten - God always responds

Chapter Eleven - Two groups of opposition

Chapter Twelve - God invites all


The Book of Matthew

Chapter Twenty-four - The destructions

Chapter Twenty-five - What the church will be like


The Book of The Revelation

Principal Characters, places and things


Church history —

an historical perspective


Section One - Chapters One to Eleven

Chapter One - The Introduction

Chapter Two - Letters to the churches 1-4

Chapter Three - Letters to the churches 5-7

Chapter Four - The four living creatures

Chapter Five - The sealed book

Chapter Six - The six seals opened

Chapter Seven - The 144,000

Chapter Eight - Political events

Chapter Nine - The religious wars

Chapter Ten - The little book opened

Chapter Eleven - The two witnesses


World events —

a future perspective

Section Two - Chapters Twelve to Twenty-two

Chapter Twelve - The war

Chapter Thirteen - Satan's response

Chapter Fourteen - The angels' messages

Chapter Fifteen - The sea of glass

Chapter Sixteen - The seven last plagues

Chapter Seventeen - Babylon the great

Chapter Eighteen - The fall of Babylon

Chapter Nineteen - The marriage

Chapter Twenty - The 1,000 years

Chapter Twenty-one - The new Jerusalem

Chapter Twenty-two - The tree of life

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Some Terminology

used in this book



The name of God's people - all 12 tribes

(Also used as a name for 10 of the 12 tribes)

Genesis 49:28


A tribe of God's people

(Later all 12 were called Jews)

Genesis 49:8,10


The country and city of opposition religion.

It ruled the then organised world from 606BC -- 538BC

Isaiah 13:19


A part of the country of Babylon Genesis 10:10


Another part of the country of Babylon Ezekiel 23:15
Medo-Persia The two provinces of Babylon which later conquered it and took over the major part of the world from 538BC – 331BC Esther 1:3
Grecia The kingdom of Greece which conquered Medo-Persia and ruled from 331BC – 168BC  
Pagan Rome The kingdom of Roman emperors which vanquished Greece and governed the established world from c.168BC -- 538AD  
Barbarians Uncivilised, but often highly moral tribes which lived outside the world-wide empires  
Papal Rome A term used to describe the religion and time of world domination by the popes from 538AD -- 1798 AD  
Dreams & visions: God's first preference for communication Job 33:14-17


The gathering place of the nations Revelation 16:16
The great city The symbol of opposition to God Genesis 11:4
The new Jerusalem God's special city Revelation 3:12
Mount Zion (Sion) God's special mountain Joel 2:32
A "mystery" A revelation we are slow to see Mark 4:11
Probation 1. The period of time we have in which to be reborn as Christians - normally from birth to death.

2. The period of time the world has before it is cut off from God's mercy - from Adam's sin to just before the last plagues.

Probation, close of 1. The time when Jesus must stop offering forgiveness to a sinner either because they are dead or because they refuse permanently to answer His plea.

2. The time in history when Jesus can no longer work for any individual because there is no one, saint or sinner, who needs or is willing to confess their sins. This allows Jesus to stop work and come to earth to collect His people.


"cubit" A normal cubit was about 18 inches or 45cm. A "royal" or "angel's" cubit was about 24 inches or 61cm.

c. (circa) This means "about" or approximately

Cp This means "compare"

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