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Fly Sprays and Noah's Flood

The problem starts with our sun. Among its warming and beneficial rays are some known as ultraviolet and these in large quantities can be intensely harmful to humans, causing many skin cancers and cataracts. They are believed by some scientists to injure human immune systems as well, although this has not yet been proved. They can even be lethal under certain conditions. Too many also inflict damage to land and sea plants and through the food chains affect all of earth’s creatures.

To prevent these rays reaching the earth in harmful amounts while at the same time allowing the other beneficial rays to pass through easily, God has placed a layer of ozone molecules (O3) surrounding the earth at a height of about 40 kilometres or 25 miles. This bounces most of the UV rays back into space. The ozone, if measured at sea level pressures would only be about 3cm or about one inch thick although it is much thicker in the lower pressures of the stratosphere. Thus the safety of humanity rests on a very fragile but effective protection which has endured for thousands of years.

However, in the 1920's scientists developed a very useful gas by combining chlorine (CL) with fluorine (F) and carbon (C). This gas, known as chloro-fluoro-carbon or CFC for short, was ideal for fly and hair sprays, air conditioners, and refrigerators, as well as other industrial uses. It was safe, easy to use in industry, and appeared to have no harmful side effects. One of its trade names is "FREON." Today it is also used as the "airhole" spaces in some plastic drinking cups, in many of the polystyrene containers of fast-food outlets, and as "air space" in packaging fillers.

However, when the 1968 Apollo mission crew saw our worldwide environment for the first time and showed us pictures of it, many people began to realise the earth is a gigantic spaceship with totally enclosed eco-systems, and have since restudied many of our ideas. By 1974 warnings of danger from CFC’s were being sounded. In 1979 the United States banned their use in sprays and the apparent threat was averted. Unfortunately, a total ban did not occur and many other countries continued using them.

It is now known that when the CFC’s are released into the atmosphere they begin to slowly rise up into the air. This occurs during industry testing, from leaks in air conditioners, and when old refrigerators and freezers are broken up, as well as aerosols. It takes from 12 to 24 months but eventually the CFC’s rise above the ozone layer and become exposed to the full unfiltered rays of the sun. This soon breaks up the unity of the atoms of each molecule. The carbon and the fluoride atoms do not seem to play a part in the next process and for our purpose can be overlooked. What happens is, the chlorine atom (CL) seeks out a spare oxygen atom (O) to combine with, and finds it in the ozone (O3), effectively turning it into (O2) and thereby weakening the ozone layer. The resulting "hole" or thinner layer allows the harmful ultra violet (UV) rays through to the earth in larger quantities.

The effects of the thinning of the ozone layer have been measured above the poles with the south pole "hole" being more than the size of the entire United States of America and growing larger all the time. It is estimated that within a few years the number of skin cancer patients will increase dramatically, with some scientists even believing that by the end of the next century some cities may have to have protective domes built over them. This is why we are today being warned about the need to protect ourselves and our children from the new and harmful effects of the sun. Sun burn warnings are a regular part of our weather forecasts now. Who knows what effect they are having on our immune systems which guard us against disease germs and viruses, and on the other living beings on our earth?

What has this to do with Noah?

Those who understand the character of God, which is "merciful, gracious, longsuffering, and abundant in goodness and truth", as Jesus explained to Moses, know that He did not actively cause the Flood. Exodus 34:6. It was brought about by the selfish and careless actions of humans over a period of 120 years even though God tried hard to warn them, and we can now see how it could have been done. Genesis 6:3.

In the creation record we are told that the Creator put a layer of water vapour between the earth and the sun. He said, "Let there be a firmament [the atmosphere] in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters." Genesis 1:6. This protective layer of water vapour above the atmosphere was somehow changed and then rain (H2O) fell on the earth for the first time. Genesis 2:5-6. This deluge lasted for 40 days and nights, and this, combined with pressure waters from under the earth in the cataclysmic explosions it brought about, caused the Flood which destroyed the earth. Genesis 7:17-24. Because of today’s events it is easy to see how the long-lived race who inhabited the earth before the Flood could have upset the balance of their system also and brought about their own destruction.

Although God blames Himself for the Flood, Genesis 7:4, this is because He is not an accuser (that is left to Satan, Revelation 12:10), and He accepts the responsibility of having arranged the vapour in its chemical composition and position above the atmosphere. However, He did try to warn humanity of the consequences of their actions, and did manage to save eight people from the multitudes of the earth. This shows that this catastrophe was not His idea.

So what does that have to do with us?

Today we are being warned of God about a "noisome and grievous [vile-smelling and particularly hurtful] sore" which is soon to come upon all mankind. Revelation 16:2. It is classed as the first of the seven LAST plagues, with the second and third plagues being effective upon salt water and fresh water, respectively. Revelation 16:3-4. Then the sun itself is affected and becomes intensely hot, enough to "scorch men with fire." Revelation 16:8-9. It does not take a genius to see that these also will be self-inflicted and worldwide in scope. We are already suffering from man-made plagues such as AIDS but they are only precursors of what the last seven will be like.

Are we willing to take the warning, "As it was in the days of Noah... "?

And what are we going to do about it?

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Since this article was written more information has come to hand:-

The following is a quote from the National Geographic magazine, Issue 195, No.3, March 1999, pages 94-95.

There is a consensus among climatic scientists that El Ninos have become more frequent and progressively warmer over the past century. Beyond that there is little agreement, particularly about whether human activity might be exacerbating their effects.

In the past 98 years there have been 23 El Ninos and 15 La Ninas. (That's according to NOAA's definitions. Other organizations get a slightly different count.) Of the century's ten most powerful El Ninos, four - the four strongest - have occurred since 1980. But no one knows whether this indicates a trend or is simply a meaningless random clustering.

And no one CAN know at this point. Even a hundred years of precise rainfall and temperature observations in the Pacific might not be sufficient to confirm a major tendency one way or the other. Moreover, many experts now suspect that El Ninos - and indeed many oceanic weather patterns - may alternate in form and severity on a time scale of decades or even centuries. "By and large", says NOAA's Leetma, "the El Nino patterns look a lot like the overall changes in U.S. rainfall and temperature patterns from decade to decade." But no matter what's happening, "the bottom line is the past 20 years are different from the previous 30."

It is difficult to imagine how the global warming observed over the past one hundred years, which amounts to about one-tenth of a degree Fahrenheit a decade, could have much effect on the stupefying volume of water in the equatorial Pacific. But it is plausible, some scientists believe.

"El Nino moves heat," say Tom Karl, one of NOAA's veteran climate experts, "both in terms of water temperature and in atmospheric convection. This heat is transported out of the oceans and the tropics during the peak of El Nino as global temperatures increase. As the heat is released, the whole El Nino cycle begins again, with less cloudiness in the tropics and with the oceans absorbing more heat. With global warming there is more heat available. So the cycle may be shortened because the recharge time is shorter or because the release of heat is less efficient."


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