Saturday, February 7, 1846.

The article on the Sanctuary


O.  R.  L.  Crosier (1820-1912)

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What follows are some bite-size chunks of Owen Crosierís article on the cleansing of the sanctuary, and a few other things.


But first:  E. G. Whiteís recommendation:


    {A Word to the Little Flock 12.8-9}  [Published 1847]

I believe the Sanctuary, to be cleansed at the end of the 2300 days, is the New Jerusalem Temple, of which Christ is a minister. 


The Lord shew me in vision, more than one year ago, that Brother Crosier had the true light on the cleansing of the Sanctuary, &c; and that it was his will, that Brother C.  should write out the view which he gave us in the Day-Star, Extra, February 7, 1846.  I feel fully authorized by the Lord, to recommend that Extra, to every saint.  


I pray that these lines may prove a blessing to you, and all the dear children who may read them.      *   *   E.  G.  White.    


In the article you will find new avenues to explore and some obvious errors. 

In a word it is one young manís opinion of an entirely new subject being shown to the church after many years in darkness! It is a very good place to start our investigation of the subject, which is why it is recommended by Godís prophet.  I do not intend to make exhaustive changes to his thoughts, you will need to search out the subject yourself in the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy.


However, Crosier promulgates one major error which has been taken up and is still being perpetuated by the church after about 170 years!  It is the myth that the Lamb of God taking away sin is pictured by the animal brought in the sanctuary courtyard and sacrificed after having a sin(s) confessed over it and then its blood is taken into the tabernacle/temple to be sprinkled on the ground before the second veil.  This simply has no basis in scripture whatever.


And there are some other doctrinal ideas that the church, which includes some of our popular TV evangelists, has turned away from.


But the editor of the Day-Star thought it so important that he rushed out a special edition of his paper to cover it. 




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