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Conversation #041



Hello again,

I am a follower of the word of God. I have read some things that once again point to an inaccuracy in your "religion’s" teaching. I thought that this was the religion that has the truth unabated, yet i see hypocrisy, division, and a religious deadness that makes me sick (i would spew them out! ! ! ! ! )

I will render myself under the title of which i truly am, a Christian, not a "seventh-day adventist". I believe the corruption of religious deadness is due to this title and the "religious" overtones it expresses. As soon as people think that their "religion" is better than all others and that they have the ultimate truth (and don’t need to learn any more) , their humility leaves, pride ensues, they decay in spiritual death.

God leaves their presence to dwell with those who do not organize the pure church of God as the world around does.

While i was in .... i remained in prayer and was a witness to .....

I taught on the prophecies, Agape Love, hell, the resurrection, marriage, etc. what ever i could tell them. The holy spirit i prayed to fill me every day and i prayed for them every day. They came to me for comfort and council; i've adopted them as my brothers and will continue with them either in prayer or in person. I told them that much (not all) that i'd learned was taught to me by the seventh day adventist message, which many of them told me they would persue.

Much of what is taught in the message is truth and i believe that full-heartedly, yet God continues to reveal to me specific errors in your beliefs. These are subjects that I thank Him for revealing with His spirit. As i have time i will reveal them to you.

One i already have, His Name Yahweh, which He wrote with His own finger. The other is the pagan doctrine of the "Trinity;" that God is 3 persons. I've read enough scripture and felt His presence while studying enough to know that it isn't a Biblical teaching and that Jesus didn't support such things.

Those like I, who truly love and trust in God (not man) , will be given the kingdom and the TRUTH. Let's make a study out of it, you and I, you being unorthodox and I being who I am in Yahweh, through His son.

With an open mind and the Holy Spirit’s leading i'm sure we'll find the truth about it. These past few experiences have increased my faith in my Creator and has helped me to see more clearly the pollutions of man.

May the TRUTH be revealed to you and Yahweh bless you, for "many are called, but FEW are chosen".

Your brother in Christ,

Truth Seeker


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