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Conversation #029

Seals, Trumpets and Bowls


Hello Ron,

I have a few questions;

Jesus told his disciples that some would not see death until His kingdom had come. What does that mean?

Rev. 6:12, 13 talks about the stars falling to EARTH, as figs fall when shaken by the wind. They fall to EARTH! ! ! My pastor is really trying to push the "dark day, Lisbon earthquake, meteor 1833 shower thing", but it doesn't fit what the prophecy tells!

Besides it continues that kings of THE EARTH and such will literally hide themselves in caves in mountains for fear of this horrific event! That didn't occur! Also it is connected to Yahweh’s day of wrath, which occurs at Yeshua's second coming!

Also i compared the 6th seal, 6th trumpet, and the 6th bowl; they seem to show different interpretations of the same event (2 contain information about the river Euphrates!)

The 7th seal, trumpet, and bowl all indicate noises, thunderings, earthquakes, and hail! I believe the Revealer of numbers has encoded a numerical, not chronological order, to the prophecy.

Rev. 8:5, 7; 11:19; 16: (i believe 12, 21 all speak of the same or similar events!)

Oh yeah, every angel that had a trumpet sounded, right? So why didn't we hear them? My pastor’s trying to tell me that when Yeshua returns we'll hear it, but is that Scriptural or only fanciful thinking in describing by our own terms what will occur?

There are some kinks in your beliefs’ armour. Much more than i had expected.

I will still serve Yahweh and give my life to Him by obeying His word, but i must reveal the Truth! When something doesn't sink in as Scriptural i don’t accept it and try it against the Word of Yahweh.

Yahweh gave me a revelation about His holy NAME and I felt the truth in what i discovered. I will send you the information if you want.

Wycliffe wrote a similar testimony about it, not to mention the fact that YHWH appears 6380 times in the original Hebrew. Adonai and Elohim are pagan TITLES and were substituted for His divine name knowingly by translators (i believe Revelation has a warning concerning those who do such things as changing the PURE WORD OF YAHWEH) .

I studied much of ancient/ writings Sumerian cuneiform, Indian texts, etc. and their mythology. I know that EA, ENLIL (EL), Baal (lord) , Anu, Adonis/Adon (Dagon/lord) were names of their gods! ! !

I often wondered why the names of god in the Bible Elohim were the same in these pagan texts! Because they were exchanged for HIS DIVINE NAME! ! ! ! ! ! !

El=lord/god; El-Ohem=lords/gods; (you will love this) ahem, why BECAUSE THEY ARE MANY! ! ! ! ! The term used in place of Yahweh was a Hebrew pronunciation of Canaanite, Phoenician, Sumerian, Babylonian, (pagan) gods. . . Elohim!

I am still not sold on the idea that Yeshua (salvation is Yahweh’s) is his Father. The trinity doctrine is also a pagan one and i'll explain that some other time. Got a lot to chew on,

Yahweh bless you,

Truth Seeker


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