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Conversation #027

Found the Truth


Hi Ron,

I do believe i've found it! Everything that i'm learning fits.

The church body though seems dead to me. This is life for me, to preach the gospel to all creatures of Christ, because He's my friend. The people in the church are complaining about pot-luck suppers and stupid meaningless things, when they could see that this life is worthless! ! ! unless we give it to Him and do His will.

I've been learning a lot and i can’t see how they can be so complacent. They're no different than any of the other churches except that the Real Truth is preached there.

We need another Wycliffe, Huss, Luther and we need him now before the Roman C. C. does it again.

I've also gotten a revelation about the bar-codes use in the near future. There's a preacher i saw a couple of videos of and i heard he has a travelling ministry, if so and if he'll take me, i'm going!

I don’t have time to write everything right now, but just know that A LOT of my questions are being answered by God through the word, you, pastor, and every good source He has. It's a long time in coming but i believe i've found my purpose in life.

Till next time,

Truth Seeker


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