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Conversation #024

Confusion Pt2a


Dear Ron,

............... (Personal details are removed from these letters)

The ufo enigma would draw me back into questions and hopelessness and alas i would always give up my search for God. I couldn't tell the "church" about ufo's or god-forbid aliens! They wouldn't have it; or they'd "try" and cast it out of me! HAHAHA!

That's a joke in and of itself. You've continued to answer me and i greatly appreciate that a lot! I gave up on churches and God for a long time, but after yesterday i believe things have changed. God has opened up a lot of unanswered questions and confusion.


It's amazing to me how the importance of keeping the Sabbath affects the blessings of God! ! ! I am going to Sabbath again tomorrow, because it's my God's day!

I want to do the things written in Psalms 82:1-8, because that's the Truth! God is soooo much love and patience and mercy and kindness, it boggles my mind. I felt such an overwhelming love and it was like i could hear Him saying "If i loved them and was patient with them and forgave them when they repented, how much more will i do for you?" He's infinite! I want to study more and learn more and stay away from the tricks the devil always throws at me.

To respond to you this is what i believe:

1) God sent His Son Jesus to redeem sinners; therefore i believe Jesus is just that, the Christ, the Lamb of God, The Son of God. Image also means likeness so i believe He is just like His Father in Heaven.

I do not believe they are the same and can’t see how to believe in the trinity when "our God is ONE GOD"! Nuff on that.

2) Heaven is the name of a planet! ? ! i don’t know bout that, though the idea isn't hard to believe that He created others in this awesome universe. I haven't yet read the part in the book on angels, but i do believe some aren't physical, some are, or they can transcend time and space to materialize at will. (After the things i've seen, this one stands out the best) .

3) The future will best present itself as it unfolds. It always does, but my concern is to grow in truth, seek the true loving God, and (i hope and pray) to do His will.


Yes and even after that experience i slipped into the occult renderings of the origins of life (aliens), ufo, and other related topics. Why? The Face on Mars, the lost satellites, etc. etc. things i couldn't get "Christian" answers from, because i simply couldn't believe in the Satan factor.

Well there's a little more background on my history and that is only ONE experience out of many.

Like i said thank you for responding to my questions may God bless you, pray for me and i'll talk to you later. I like the idea to discuss these questions, answers need to be given to those who diligently search them out, real answers! Till then take care,

Truth Seeker


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