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Conversation #20




Hello Ron,

Is Satan the author of confusion? Howbout' this. . . . . .

Exodus 33:11, 20 (these are key, but there's more) . . . . . .

God's omniscient right, He's everywhere right? What's he doin’ landing in front of a tent (people seeing this), to talk to an x-Egyptian, on a tiny little planet, in a tiny little galaxy? If he's everywhere. . . then why does he have to descend on top of a mountain?

Why does he HAVE to kill whoever sees him? If he's omnipotent why doesn’t he just think them away?

He hardened Pharaoh’s heart. He even said he would! But here's the clincher, he spoke to Moses "FACE TO FACE" (and i've checked the Hebrew in the interlinear) , yet "NO MAN MAY SEE HIS FACE AND YET LIVE! ? ! " Not only does it say "face to face", but it adds like we do our fellow man!

Hmmnnnnnn. . . . . God spoke to Moses as we speak to each other face to face yet no one can see his face and live! ? ! And what's GOD doin’ with a face if he's omniscient? This is a discrepancy! As bright as day.

Someone tried to explain to me that he was hidden behind a rock at the time! ? ! Well that's wrong cuz it clearly states that he appeared in front of the TENT!

And who's running the universe if "he's" here?

Oh yeah, shouldn't Moses have died?

There also are hieroglyphic writings that when deciphered rendered very similar comparisons to the Pentateuch. Moses did live in Egypt for 40 years and AS A HIGH PRIEST! ! He was Egyptian.

I'm American and i'm totally like the people and i'm nowhere near 40, nor am i the Vice-President!

Who are the UFO people, by the way? I know that there are a lot of flakes out there, but there is a connection between the Bible and THEM.

Angels are more than spirits, and the word means messengers (title) they also are physical and can mate with humans. Gen. 6:1-10. They eat, rest, and appear to people even today. It's easy to put them in a box and say they're Satan or God, or aliens, or whatever term we can come up with. The fact is they're real and they DO affect our world, spiritually and physically. They've manipulated our spiritual beliefs and gave birth to religions. They're the ones running the show. We are just spectators to what they unfold. Some are vicious and evil, some are benevolent and kind, some are indifferent or neutral, just like us.

Humans aren't all good or evil. Remember God said "let US create man (kind) in OUR image (likeness); which literally interpreted means: we're like god. David said, "are ye all not gods?", which Jesus even quoted.

Also, (a lot of meat, huh? ) Jesus is not God, he said himself he was his son. He told people to worship the "FATHER" who sent him. How'd he send himself? After resurrection he went up physically into the clouds; returned in a physical body still bearing the marks of death.

Elijah went in similar fashion and i bet even Enoch. In Isaiah he speaks of the new "paradise" as not being eternal, but as an indefinite period of time: the cursed dying at 100 and children being 100.

I wish sometimes that i had never prayed for wisdom, like i did for years since 15. God, who i do believe in, gives you what you ask for. I wish i could be as stupid as some of the people i see around me, cuz then i'd never know and i could join the "cattle-herd" without a care in the world.

Just like Solomon, i agree all IS vanity and pointless. The truth is something people don’t want to see because it doesn't agree with what they believe in and since it don’t fit, toss it.

I don’t expect a reply, but i'm open to one.

I've probably offended you, but i wrote this just to let you know.


Truth Seeker


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