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Conversation #019


Seven mountains


Dear Ron,

I thank you again for replying. Now hear this:

1) I thought that 7 "mountains" represented 7 empires/kingdoms; like Sumeria, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, and the "New World Empire" (whatever that would be called) .

2) "five have fallen (the first 5 mentioned above), one is (Rome at the time of the vision) and one is yet to come" (New Babylon) !

3) In using time translations like, a week=7 years and such figure this. . . "in one hour shall your plagues come"-"thus with SWIFT PITCH shall Babylon the great be destroyed." It will be quickly and with fiery destruction, not a long, dragged out process. If a week is 7 years, then an hour is approximately 2 literal weeks! ! !

4) The 2nd beast in 13 has the power to "call fire down from heaven in the sight of men." I've only seen this happen in one fashion, "nuclear bombs" and only by one country to destroy their enemies, drum roll please. . . . . . . . . . . . . AMERICA! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

The 2nd beast is the political, patriotic, nationalist power known as the good ol' US of A! ! !

5) you wrote that "the Ten Commandments" would appear in the sky along with "the Sign of the Son of Man"! ! ! Are they going to use a video projector to accomplish this?

6) a lot of what you wrote is understandable, yet it is a lot of opinions (hence the adding of words near the scriptures to confirm your interpretations of it) .

How do you go from spiritual interpretations to physical inbetwix different verses. 7 mountains are hills now? Have 5 of these hills fallen? Rome and Jerusalem are in 2 totally different areas, but i guess these 7 mountains are interchangeable and don’t stand for what the scripture says of them. "the seven heads ARE 7 MOUNTAINS. . ", "five have fallen, ONE IS, AND THE "OTHER" HAS NOT YET COME! ! ! ! ".

It doesn't say "hills", nor does it say that they are in 2 different physical locations (7 here and 7 there) . Honestly, most of the interpretation is just silly.

7) The world is heading for destruction anyone can see that, whether they want to believe it or not! Wars are the usual common ways in which man-kind has accomplished this task. Now that "fire from heaven" is a real threat (like the church is a real thing), prophecy is beginning to take on a REAL face and begins to make sense.

One good war of nuclear strikes lasting aprox. 2 weeks would bring about the destruction necessary to fulfill the descriptions of prophecy in the Bible, as well as other prophecies of the END OF THE WORLD.

There is an interesting plague described in the Bible about what would happen to the attackers of Israel (i'm not sure where it is, but i'll find it). Their eyes and tongues and their flesh would melt away on their bones before their bodies even hit the ground. A neutron bomb works in just such a manner and Israel does have many of them in their arsenal. They're small controlled nuclear bombs and used only to wipe out personnel (do not harm the grass or the trees or the beasts, but everyone who does not have the mark of God).

8) The books i've read all seem to cover interpretations of the scripture and like i said before not anyone's dead on and so even YOU should keep an open mind that you might be incorrect. I think you might be able to do this, if you look hard at what's fed to you and what really makes sense.

The end is coming and it's going to be a very horrible time. Death and war will rule. The world is about to blow its top and it will be soon.

Till the next time,

Truth Seeker


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