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Conversation #017



Dear Truth Seeker,

I'm glad that you have sussed out the flying saucer people. They are so obviously from Satan, and yet as you say, they leave you with a "feeling" that they are profound.

One of the great hurdles of the last days is that we must accept the word of God as proof against that which we think we see or feel. His words are always right.

You mention that one of their effects is "confusion" which is exactly what the word "Babylon" means. It is derived from the original city, Babel.

Have sent the study on Revelation 17 separately.





To the reader,

If there is anything not clear to you as you read my answer, please feel free to mail me and ask about it. I promise not to send you anything but a direct answer to your question. I won't argue about it, just share with you what I have seen.

I won't ask you to join a new church or offshoot either!

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