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Conversation #016


History and UFO's


Dear Ron,

I thank you again for replying,

I can grasp the concept, for it deals over a vast period of time and seems to fit. Satan and God being spiritual work in and out of time without hindrance. Thus they perform their work on a large scale. This is even obvious to me.

The subject of UFO's had been my main interest since i was 19 and trying to link the two together (Bible and paranormal). Several times i've come up with the decision that UFO's are Satanically induced; hence their vagueness, lack of solid evidence, and general basic message. We are in control of our own destiny.

I’ve seen several in my life and have always been left with a feeling that they were profound. Their "channellings" all speak that they've genetically made us, have been with us since the beginning, and that they've created ALL religious experiences to help mold us into shape.

The keys i always revert back to is this:

1) their effect on people and activities resemble demonic activities, combining fear, torture, riddles, and confusion; much like "abduction experiences".

2) their messages to people vary so much that they are all in conflict with each other (also many point to Jesus as being one of them).

3) if they are aliens, as some claim to be, then why do they continue to study us in such simple terms (soil, pregnancy, DNA, basic medical procedures)?

I'm sure a couple thousands of years would be enough time to get that information and

4) the strange occurrences that happen during, before and after their sightings leading always the person involved into the occult and the New Age movement.

This i believe is one way that Satan could deceive the world physically to turn against all Christianity and basic religions to a new world order, which i forsee coming our way.

You may explain [Revelation] 17 to me as well and i'm sure i can grasp it. I told you all this to let you know a little more about my background, that i've seen a lot and studied many books about these related topics.

Something is coming and i feel we haven't much time.

Till then,

Truth Seeker


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