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Conversation #009


Try this!

Truth Seeker wrote:

Not bad, but what you said is, somewhat in part, incorrect. I agree in a last empire, united Europe with a new one-world religion. I have personally read the manifestos and agree with its being Bible prophecy fulfilled.

The ten horns (as you neglected to add) all spend one hour with the beast because they, as of until ITS reign, have no kingdom! Why you JW's and 7th's won’t admit to the fact that the mark is a physical mark being slowly integrated into our system even as we speak, i don’t understand.

Do a little research like a good Truth Seeker would.

The one-world credit system is going to be the ONLY WAY WE'LL BE ABLE TO LEGALLY "BUY OR SELL"!!! period.

I was right after all; no religion on earth houses the complete truth, you all have only pieces of it, because you separate, disconnect, and isolate yourselves from each other because you all believe only ONE can be right! Religion is a disease!

There are things to learn from all of you, not one of you are "the chosen" ones. God is spirit. His chosen are His in spirit and Truth ONLY. He isn't holding auditions for the best world religion, He's looking for honest followers, spiritual, open-minded, and devoted to the Truth no matter the cost. It's sad that humans have to be so petty when it comes to the ALMIGHTY.

"It is on Earth as it is in Heaven...", the earth is bearing the signs (like Israel) in the physical as well as the spiritual. I would preach to people, but then i would be endangering myself to the disease i hate, religion.

Check out your Bar-codes. You'll notice 2 thin lines on each end and one set in the middle bearing no numbers underneath them. The 2 thin lines represent the number 6. There is another bar which represents 6 as well, but it isn't used as the main symbol. Every one of your UPC codes bears the same three sets, coincidence? NOT! The bars are a "code"(secret language) and they represent numbers (the number of his name); the numbers underneath are representations of this code. There are books on this stuff and they're not religious ones, they describe it much better than i can. Then when you find out who started the "system" and who controls the beast then tell me you believe it's a spiritual mark.

If you really love God and the Truth then you'll check it out. If you don’t expand your knowledge then you'll suffer for lack of knowledge.

I've got to go, till then,

Truth Seeker

p.s. Because if you believe Hell kills the "soul" then that "living soul" (even if resurrected) bears the mark on it.



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