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Conversation #002

Trust the Bible


Hi there Truth Seeker,

That's a good name and I hope that I can help you do it.

First, I won't get offended by any honest question or difference of opinion. That's how we find out the truth. By sharing our differences and searching out the answers - not by giving our own opinion but seeing what we can read in the Bible.

So my first thought to share with you is that the Bible is the word of God and therefore accurate in principle. It may be different in words because we are all using translations but the basic principles do not change. Where we have a problem with the words we can be sure that God has arranged another verse or verses which will sort the matter out.

We must not take other men's opinions (not even our own) to prove what is right. That excludes dictionaries, for only the Bible can explain what God means when He says something.

I'm glad you feel that every one else is not wrong because it isn't a matter of right and wrong. It is simply a matter of, "Is this interpretation correct and does it harmonise with the rest of the Bible."

May I deal with your problems in prophetic interpretation in another mail? I'm willing if you are.

Christian regards



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