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The witness of

The Twentieth Century

of Christianity

regarding the Sabbath of the Lord.

J. F. Coltheart. 1954.

Some obvious spelling mistakes in the quotations and their sources have been rectified.


Seventh-day Adventists uphold the same Sabbath that Jesus and His followers kept. The sacred Torch of Truth was not extinguished through the long centuries. Adventists are working today in over 1000 languages of earth. Over 16,500 churches of Sabbathkeepers are spread from "pole to pole" - from Hammerfest, Norway, the northernmost city of the world, to Puntas Arenas, in South America, the southernmost. Two million members around the globe welcome the sacred Sabbath hours.


South America:

One hundred and ninety thousand gather together each Sabbath. There are many hundreds of Adventist schools and colleges for training missionaries.


In this division there are 310,000 faithful Sabbath-keepers. The Message is spreading rapidly, as one will realise by looking at the small island of Jamaica. One hundred and 47 miles long, it has 151 Adventist churches for the 40,843 members there. Mexico has 40200 Sabbath-keepers.



Two hundred and 10 thousand people are studying the Sabbath message through the Voice of Prophecy.



In a recent two-year period 10,000 new Sabbath-keepers were baptised.



Reports indicate that the people are looking for the Bible. In some villages up to 50% of the people have begun to observe the Sabbath of God.


Every year over 5,000 people accept the truth of God in respect to the Sabbath.


Over 530,000 members of the Sabbath School.


South Sea Islands:

Former cannibals and head hunters of New Guinea and the Islands now true commandment keepers


Radio and Television:

One thousand Radio or Television stations throughout the world bring Sabbath message to millions. One million listeners enrolled in Voice of Prophecy Bible Course.


Service to humanity:

Seventh-day Adventists operate many hundreds of modern hospitals and clinics with 10,000 doctors, nurses and helpers; 5,000 schools and colleges including several universities help train missionaries; 60 publishing houses print Gospel literature.

The Sabbath is a precious heritage handed down to this generation by the martyrs of old. Today it binds God's "Remnant" people together in close brotherly friendship regardless of whether they are black, white, or yellow. From the East, from the West, from the North, from the South, by the thousands and hundreds of thousands, they prepare for the coming of Christ.


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J. F. Coltheart. 1954.

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