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The witness of

The Ninth Century

of Christianity

regarding the Sabbath of the Lord.

J. F. Coltheart. 1954.

Some obvious spelling mistakes in the quotations and their sources have been rectified.

The note below has been inserted by the original author, J. H. Coltheart.



"Bulgaria in the early season of its evangelization had been taught that no work should be performed on the Sabbath."

Responsa Nicolai Papae I and Con-Consulta Bulgarorum,
Responsum 10, found in Mansi,
Sacrorum Concilorum Nova et Amplissima Collectio,
Vol. 15; p. 406; also Hefele, Conciliengeschicte, Vol. 4, sec. 478.



(Pope Nicholas I, in answer to letter from Bogaris, ruling prince of Bulgaria.)

"Ques. 6 – Bathing is allowed on Sunday. Ques. 10 – One is to cease from work on Sunday, but not also on the Sabbath."

Hefele, 4, 346-352, sec. 478.



The Bulgarians had been accustomed to rest on the Sabbath. Pope Nicholas writes against this practice.



(Photius, Patriarch of Constantinople [in counter-synod that deposed Nicholas], thus accused Papacy).

"Against the canons, they induced the Bulgarians to fast on the Sabbath."

Photius, von Kard, Hergenrother, 1, 643.

Note: The Papacy had always tried to bring the seventh-day Sabbath into disrepute by insisting that all should fast on that day. In this manner she sought to turn people towards Sunday, the first day, the day that Rome had adopted.



Cardinal Hergenrother says that they stood in intimate relation with Emperor Michael II (821-829) and testifies that they observed the Sabbath.

Kirchengeschichte, 1, 527.


India, Abyssinia:

"Widespread and enduring was the observance of the seventh-day Sabbath among the believers of the Church of the East and the St. Thomas Christians of India. It was also maintained by the Abysinians.



"Pope Nicholas I, in the ninth century, sent the ruling prince of Bulgaria a long document saying in it that one is to cease from work on Sunday, but not on the Sabbath. The head of the Greek Church, offended at the interference of the Papacy, declared the Pope ex-communicated."

"Truth Triumphant," p. 232.


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J. F. Coltheart. 1954.

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