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No. 1

"We may be told that which is veritably true, the essential truth of God, and yet, if we doubt it, and so long as we doubt it, we can never know it .... "

"Further, we may be told that which is altogether false, an outright lie; yet, though we believe it, however implicitly, we can never know it."

This, for the simple reason that is is not so; and it is impossible to know what is not so."

Therefore there just two things which are essential to knowing. These two things are truth and faith ..... "

"Truth and faith therefore, working together - the truth believed - is the way to knowledge."

A T JONES The Bible in Education, page 17.

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No. 2

Christ "lived our example, died our sacrifice, was raised for our justification, ascended on high, to be our only mediator in the sanctuary in heaven, where, with His own blood, He makes atonement for our sins; which atonement, so far from being made on the cross, which was but the offering of the sacrifice, is the very last portion of His work as priest."

James White in the first issue of the Signs of the Times.

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No. 3

For the prophecy, instead of being something obscure, is a light. Prophecy is something foretold; it is history in advance. God, who sees the end from the beginning, and who "calleth those things that be not as though they were," is able to write the history of an event before it occurs far more exactly than any human pen can write it afterward. Now if we can understand history when written by men, why should it be thought a thing impossible that we should understand the history when written in advance by the Spirit of God?

E J Waggoner, Preface, "Prophetic Lights", page v.

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No. 4

It can never be repeated too often, that under the reign of grace it is just as easy to do right, as under the reign of sin it is easy to do wrong. This must be so; for if there is not more power in grace than there is in sin, then there can be no salvation from sin. But there is salvation from sin; this no one who believes Christianity can deny. .................. A T Jones, "Shall it be Grace or Sin?", page 1.

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No. 5.

Membership in that church, then, comes not by belonging to the church in order to belong to Christ, but by belonging to Christ in order to belong to the church. And the difference between these two things is the difference between Christianity and the mystery of inquity.

From a sermon by A T Jones.

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No. 6.

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