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Conversations #001

A Request



I am presently studying with a SDA and i've studied most religions so far. I don’t jump to conclusions and shout "You're right, everyone else is wrong" anymore.

I am studying with scrutiny and will not consider myself a Christian till i'm totally convinced of the Truth and nothing but the truth.

The matter i'm discussing here is that he told me to add 2300 (from Daniel) to a date and come up with a time in history. I got 1844.

He also said that there were in fact two "world changing" events which had happened prior to this date (and why from 457BC when the temple hadn't been built yet?), a "Dark Day" and a meteor shower of great proportions.

Yes, the fact is that also a massive earthquake happened in north Africa in 1755 (not worldwide and certainly not the most devastating at all).

The Dark Day (1780) was in fact a large forest fire mingling with a storm front over the New England area of America and not the whole world.

The day the stars fell from heaven were in fact the Leonid Meteor shower (1833) and the shower of 1966 was in fact more impressive by size and comparison, numbering an astounding 144,000 meteors per hour! This shower happens every 34 years or so.

Also Jesus was part of that prophecy and he hasn't come riding on the clouds as of yet. I simply don’t like it when people try to make natural (albeit extraordinary) events fill prophecies when they aren't.

This is unfortunate that these statements are thrown in as Bible facts which is very common among Christian religions, but sad. (like the 1914 deal of the JW's. It looks right but it isn't.)

I believe in the teachings of Jesus to a point, but it seems that there are no true followers left. You may reply if you wish, but i'm used to your kind getting all offended and running away. It's in your court.

Thank you for your time,

Truth Seeker


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