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The Three Messages


Revelation 14:6-11


in simple English


Noel McK



(a). The true character of God – He is not arbitrary (i.e. a boss). He is our Creator. He does not use force, He never punishes. He is a God of love, justice and mercy.

(b). All of us as individuals must meet our Maker at the final judgement at the end of time. But even now, God is judging all who claim to be His people to see if their claim is true.



(a). We should all be free from religious controls and interferences placed on us by the accepted church systems. Each one of us can have a personal relationship with God through the Holy Spirit, not through a system or by any man.

(b). Each one should have learned (and continue to grow in) the ability to overcome temptation using Jesus’ power each day, and experiencing daily protection and guidance.

(c). Christian fellowship is secondary to that relationship with God.



The third is a warning about the coming trial of faith which we must face. It will be a religious time when all true Christians must keep the Ten Commandments (i.e. be law keepers) and therefore Sabbath keepers.

The mark of the antichrist system will ultimately be enforced by civil law. It will be Sunday keeping versus the free thinking, commandment keeping of God’s true people. No one will escape.

All must choose.


Redemption – What is it?

"Redemption" is "getting back", or, "getting back to..." something which was before. For example, a person may have a good reputation, then lose it because of some mistake they have made, then redeem themselves by doing something special – maybe something heroic.

Another example might be of someone who unwisely overspends money and goes into debt. Another kind person comes along and pays the debt in full and releases the person from the situation – they have been redeemed.

In our case, the world and man were both perfect and the world and mankind lost that state because of Adam’s sin. Our redeemer Christ is working to bring it all back.

Put simply, there are four areas which need to be redeemed.


1. Our nature, or character. This is done in a moment when we are "born again".

2. Our body or physical being. This will be restored when we come up out of the grave, or when, at the second coming those who are alive will be changed "in the twinkling of an eye".

3. Our mind or thinking patterns and ideas. This will take many years because God will not zap our old ideas away. Many go to the grave with wrong concepts and will arise with the same. Even in heaven we must co-operate with God in this work, and the renewing of our mind will only go as fast as we allow or want. This may take up to 1,000 years to get a really clear picture.

4. The earth itself. After the final judgement and the end of all sin and sinners the earth itself will be in a molten state for a while. Out of this God will create new heavens and a new earth where only righteous people shall dwell.




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