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Thought #017

From E J Waggoner
Bible Studies from the book of Romans, page 88, Rom. 09-032

The Potter and His Vessels. The one who thinks himself competent to criticize the Lord thinks that he has a sure case against him in verses 21-24 of this chapter [Romans 9:]. "Surely," says he, "this text teaches us that God has made some men to be saved, and others to be destroyed."

Most certainly we find nothing of the kind! There is a vast difference between what the text actually says, and what men imagine that it says. The potter has power over the clay, and so the Creator has power over his creatures, of natural and unquestionable right. Consider the figure: the potter has power over the clay to make one vessel to honor and another to dishonor.

Very true; but who in the world ever heard of a potter who busied himself making vessels for the sole purpose of destroying them? He makes vessels of different kinds for various purposes, but they are all intended for use, and not for destruction.

So God never made anyone for the purpose of destroying him.

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