top Thought #003

A thought to Think


Desire of Ages page 435

"Lucifer had said, 'I will be like the Most High' (Isaiah 14:14);

[which is how some say, "I want to be a Christian"!]


the desire for self-exaltation had brought strife into the heavenly courts,

and had banished a multitude of the hosts of God.

Had Lucifer really desired to be like the Most High,

he would never have deserted his appointed place in heaven [and gone to an offshoot];

for the spirit of the Most High is manifested in unselfish ministry.

Lucifer desired God's power, but not His character.


He sought for himself the highest place, and every being who is actuated by his spirit will do the same. Thus alienation, discord, and strife will be inevitable. Dominion becomes the prize of the strongest. The kingdom of Satan is a kingdom of force; every individual regards every other as an obstacle in the way of his own advancement, or a steppingstone on which he himself may climb to a higher place."

Does this sound familiar??


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