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Some Good Quotes!

A quote from the "other Christians" regarding SDA's and the book "Questions on Doctrines".

"It [the doctrine of Christ making an atonement in the sanctuary in heaven] is to my mind, therefore, nothing more than a human, face-saving idea! It should also be realized that some uninformed Seventh-day Adventists took this idea and carried it to fantastic, literalistic extremes. Mr. Martin and I heard the Adventist leaders say, flatly, that they repudiate all such extremes. This they have said in no uncertain terms. Further, they do not believe, as some of their earlier teachers taught, that Jesus' atoning work was not completed on Calvary, but instead that He was still carrying on a second ministering work since 1844. This idea is also totally repudiated. They believe that since His ascension Christ has been ministering the benefits of the atonement which He completed on Calvary." [Underlining ours].

Dr. Barnhouse, Eternity, September, 1956, "Are Seventh-day Adventists Christians?"

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Sinful flesh

"Now no one will claim that the flesh of a man is any different after his conversion from what it was before. Least of all will the converted man himself say so; for he has continual evidence of its perversity. But if he is really converted, and the Spirit of Christ dwells in him, he is no more in the power of the flesh. Even so Christ came in the same sinful flesh, yet he was without sin, because he was always led by the Spirit".

"Studies in Romans" 8:18, by E J Waggoner.

The Latter Rain

"It is because men take upon themselves the name of Christ, while in life they deny His character, that Christianity has so little power in the world. The name of the Lord is blasphemed because of these things....."

"When those who profess the name of Christ shall practice the principles of the golden rule, the same power will attend the gospel as in apostolic times".

"The Mount of Blessing", page 137.

Justifying the ungodly

"To him that works not, but believes on Him that justifies the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness." Romans 4:5.

It is, therefore, a contradiction in terms to say that I am so ungodly that I do not see how the Lord can justify me. For if I am not ungodly, I do not need to be made righteous; I am righteous. There is no half-way ground between godliness and ungodliness.

A. T. Jones R&H February 7, 1899

What is the church? by E G White

"The church is a Christian society for the members composing it, that each member may enjoy the assistance of all the graces and talents of the other members, and the working of God upon them, according to their several gifts and abilities. [Like a computer club?] The church is united in the holy bonds of fellowship in order that each member may be benefited by the influence of the other... "

"All the members are to draw together, that the church may become a spectacle to the world, to angels, and to men".

"The covenant of agreement [the book of rules] in church membership is that each member would walk in the footsteps of Christ, that all will take His yoke upon them, and learn of Him who is meek and lowly in heart. Doing this, 'Ye shall' saith the dear Saviour, 'find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light'. Matthew 11:29, 30..."

"Why are believers formed into a church? Because by this means Christ would increase their usefulness in the world and strengthen their personal influence for good..."

Letter 26, 1900. Selected Messages, Vol. 3, pp 15-16.

A statement about the position of women

in Israel.

"The very fact, then, of there being such characters as Jezebel and Athaliah [in Jewish history] is unanswerable confirmation of the freedom and equality of woman, because, though they were not women of Israel, their union with the Hebrew kings subjected them to all the restrictions of Mosaic law; and had that law made them slaves, they would not have exchanged their liberty in their own idolatrous countries for conjugal thraldom [married slavery] in Judea, the social and domestic position of the Hebrew females being sufficiently well known to them, from the immediate vicinity of the land, to prevent any misconception on a subject so important." Grace Aguilar, The Women of Israel, page 330.

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