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Seven Queries

7 Queries for 7th Day Adventists

Are we Christ-centred or man-centred?


Why do we . . . ?

1.  Why do we continue to state that the lamb’s blood was sprinkled in the first apartment of the sanctuary when lamb’s blood was NEVER used in the building?

2.  Why do we say that Adam “fell” when he deliberately chose to abandon God and stay with Eve?

3.  Why do we say that the ten toes of Daniel’s statue and the ten horns of the beast of Daniel 7 are the same (the endtime nations) when three of the horns were “plucked up by the roots”, never to be seen again in history?

4.  Why do we read “our” judgment in Revelation 14:7 when the text reads “His” judgment?

5.  Why do we think “Israel” is fallen (meaning the Protestant churches) in Revelation 14:8 when the text reads, “Babylon” is fallen?

6.  Why do we confine the “mark” of the beast and his image to the observance of Sunday under a national law without explaining that the “beast” is unchanged human nature wherever it is manifested in the use of force?

7.  Why do we teach that the “Elijah” of the last days will be a group of people going to the world, when the original was one man (as was John the Baptist) who came to God’s church to convince them of their apostacy?

Above are some thoughts for contemplation.


P. S.

8.  If the majority of us in the Laodicean church don’t have on the white raiment, does that mean that we are not really Christians, but are fooling ourselves?




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