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Our recommendation on



There are some permanent (but changing) sections:


An "alpha" list of the articles on the site

"What's New?" will give you the latest additions

An authors list

A subject list

A section for female readers


"Quotable quotes"

"Wise sayings" words of wisdom

The Library shows books which are available for you to download

"Our Thought" is just that - a thought we'd like to share with you

"A God's-eye View" is a thumbnail view of church history from God's word

"Let's Get it Right" - a place where old Adventist ideas are put through the microscope

"The Scripture Library" This is made up of various Scriptures with minimum explanations



We recommend before you read anything that you look at

"All You Wanted to Know About the Bible But Didn't Know Where to Ask"


"A Short History of the Third Angel's Movement"


After that

if you are a newcomer we suggest that you go on with

"The Church Under Attack" which is written by Eric Winter and has been distributed throughout the church.

From there you could peruse "The New Theology", a modern-day apologetic for the present SDA stand.

Then look at "A Personal Comment" which is one man's answer to that statement.

(There is a conection from the end of one to the start of another)


Then we suggest a look into the old SDA beliefs.

(We do NOT believe that Waggoner, Jones, or Crozier were inspired as EGW was,

but God, through her, highly recommended the thoughts of each one.)


1. E J Waggoner's "Bible Studies in Romans" - the making of a Christian

2. A T Jones' "The Consecrated Way to Christian Perfection" - the making of Christianity

3. O R L Crozier's "The Sanctuary" shows the importance of the sanctuary and its Priest - God says that it is a must for every SDA

4. E G White's "The Temptation of Christ in the Wilderness" - How to overcome, her most important book

5. A T Jones' "Creation or Evolution?" - Are YOU an evolutionist?

After all that - there'll be new items in "What's New?' or you can browse the "Alpha" list


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