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The "Two Babylons"


Alexander Hislop

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  Objects of worship


 By R. H.


Chapter 1.0

  The two systems

A, B

Woman with cup;   Hebrew chronology


Chapter 2.1

  Trinity in unity



Chapter 2.2

  Mother and child


Shing Moo of China

Chapter 2.2.1

  The child in Assyria



Chapter 2.2.2

  The child in Egypt


Meaning of name Centaurus

Chapter 2.2.3

  The child in Greece



Chapter 2.2.4

  The death of the child



Chapter 2.2.5

  The deification of the child


Olenos the sin-bearer

Chapter 2.3

  The mother of the child


G, H, I

Rhea, Cybele, Venus; Virgin mother; goddess mother

Chapter 3.1

  Christmas and Lady-day



Chapter 3.2

  Easter & buns & eggs



Chapter 3.3

  Birth of John the Baptist



Chapter 3.4

  The feast of the assumption

Doctrine & discipline




Chapter 4.1  Baptismal regeneration L Scandinavian Odin and Adon of Babylon
Chapter 4.2  Justification by works    
Chapter 4.3  The sacrifice of the mass    
Chapter 4.4   Extreme unction    
Chapter 4.5   Purgatory & prayers for the dead

 Rites & ceremonies

Chapter 5.1  Idol processions    
Chapter 5.2  Relic worship    
Chapter 5.3  Clothing & crowning of images M Stripping of clothing
Chapter 5.4  Rosary & worship of sacred heart    
Chapter 5.5  Lamps & wax candles    
Chapter 5.6  The sign of the cross

  Religious orders

Chapter 6.1 The sovereign pontiff    
Chapter 6.2 Priest, monks & nuns

Two developments considered

Chapter 7.1  The great red dragon N, O, P Zoroaster, head of fire worshippers; Phaethon; Roman Imperial standard
Chapter 7.2  The beast from the sea    
Chapter 7.3  The beast from the earth    
Chapter 7.4  The image of the beast Q Slaying of the witnesses
Chapter 7.5  The name & number of the beast R Attes, the sinner


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