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Review & Herald 29 October 1901



"To speak the word of God with faithfulness is a work of the greatest importance. But this is an entirely different work from continually censuring, thinking evil, and drawing apart from one another.

"Judging and reproving are two different things.

"God has laid upon His servants the work of reproving in love those who err; but He has forbidden and denounced the thoughtless judging so common among professed believers.

"Actions speak louder than words, and those who draw [away] from their brethren show plainly that they do not wish to work with them, that they surmise evil of the men to whom the Lord has given a place in His work. Those who show this lack of faith and confidence in their brethren grieve the Spirit of God. The Lord calls upon us to put away all haughtiness, to manifest sincere sympathy for the erring, who are seeking to recover themselves from the snare of the enemy."

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