Some of these quotes are taken from the EGW computer disk


One of Ellen White's comments on the effect of Jones and Waggoner teachings.


"The churches in Pennsylvania have been passing through discouragements, and some of their members have apostatized. But as the precious message of present truth was spoken to the people by Brn. Jones and Waggoner, the people saw new beauty in the third angel's message, and they were greatly encouraged. They testified to the fact they had never before attended meetings where they had received so much instruction and such precious light. They were now determined to return to their homes and to their churches to impart to their friends and neighbors the light they had received. They felt that they now understood better how to win souls to Christ."

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EGW comment on Waggoner and Jones departure from the "faith".


PC.125.001 The Paulson Collection

June 27, 1906-7- A. -200-.

Sanitarium, California June 26, 1906

"Brother and Sister Amadon: I have read your letters, but have not had time to answer them. I have been permitted to view the case of Elder A. T. Jones. His bitterness is as gall, though he has been warned. At Washington, during the General Conference, I conversed with him for about three hours, but he would not receive my warnings. He seemed very self-confident, and when he spoke of his work at Battle Creek, his boastings were a surprise to many. All that I could say to him at Washington, seemed to make no impression on his mind."


"A. T. Jones has had precious opportunities to see and feel the power of the messages of warning sent by the Lord to His people. He himself has been admonished to be constantly on guard, else the power of other minds would be exercised on his mind, and he was cautioned regarding the subtle working of spiritual science upon human minds. He had eyes, but he saw not; ears, but he heard not, and he has done the very work that he was warned to avoid doing. I am very sorry for the man, for all these chapters in his experience are bringing him over a road that will have to be retraced step by step, if he ever comes to an understanding of the work he is now doing, and turns his feet to follow the precious Saviour, our Leader."


"We must walk circumspectly before God. We can not afford to make mistakes now. Truth will bear away the victory. I am not angry as I read statement after statement of falsehood, regarding my writings and my work. I am sure that the Lord has helped you to stand for and vindicate the truth. Brother Farnsworth made a wise decision when he said, I will keep to the affirmative. We are to show the people that the truth of heavenly origin is sufficient to keep every soul. It is our duty to rebuke sin, for with Satanic energy, men will do all in their power to overcome the testimony of the righteous, with falsehoods and misstatements."

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