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Religious Events of the Present -

The Sunday Law efforts of today

A Scroll and the Ten Commandments


The Coming Conflict

"It is time for You, LORD, to work:

for they have made void Your law."

Psalm 119:126




This link will take you to another site which publishes attempts to get a FEDERAL Sunday law passed in the United States of America.

Most of the reports deal with the INDIVIDUAL states and their fight for and against religious laws, but they are just the training ground for a NATIONAL law of the future.

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The Sunday Laws of the Present


For a fuller Bible explanation of these events to come, read:-

The Future:

Daniel and The Revelation made easy to understand.


(A printed copy A4 size, 175 pages, is available free from us.)

Mail ron_pars@hotmail.com and ask for a copy of "The Future".



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