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Conversation #037

The Greatest Commandment

is love!

Dear Ron,

I don’t have a lot of time on the computer anymore, which is ok, so i'll answer this:

It seems that everyone has an opinion on what prophecies are and how they're fulfilled. The best thing to do when telling someone of prophecies i guess is to show them the ones that have come true (by which we will know they're of God).

I've had terrible dreams about falling stars, earthquakes, signs in the skies, the sun dancing around, meteor impacts, etc. yet they are yet to be fulfilled.

I need to volunteer my time to His greatest commandment LOVE and put the rest aside for now. If i had all the wisdom and knowledge and truth in the world and have not LOVE i'm worthless. And it's what i need to work on.

When i get time i'll peruse your responses, but i haven't today.

I have a request, if you can send me any info on mission troops, ministries, or help for the poor and sick, something i could join, so i could dedicate my life fully to Jesus, i would appreciate it. Satan is working overtime to try to get the world to hate. . . . . . that's his job. He does it through many ways but it always destroys those who fall into the fruit of sin.

Gotta go! Oh yeah my friend is an adventist and he'd like to know what organization you're affiliated with or something like that. Ciao.

Teach people about His LOVE by showing it forth like a light!

LOVE seeker

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