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Conversation #014


The Bar Codes

From Truth Seeker

Hello again,

You said we didn't "mention" the ten horns in 17,but if they are the same as the ten toes then it doesn't fit. I know America is a main part of the Rev. and yes it does indeed help bring into power the 3rd and final beast.

Europe is key to this operation as well. I do not believe they are the "only" contributors to the birth of the new empire, but they are key players. Their influence (European) is easily recognized affecting our media, music, scholastic lessons, laws @ rules, culture, lifestyles, thought patterns, and many other avenues as well.

The "bar-code" is a language (should speak) brought into existence by a gentleman from Maine, US of A in the early 70's. This was the end result of an experiment handed out to many qualified experts, by the Gov't. to come up with an easier way to control and operate all productions, companies, out-put (in general), and anything to do with TRANSACTIONS.

It was later suggested to use the social security No.# of an individual and join it to the system of P.C. (product control) or U.P.C. (united parcel code).This is what it is supposed to stand for, yet the initial phase related to it as a "United Product Control".

There is literature on these things, but it is hard for the layman to obtain. The integration of a person's CREDIT (monetary status), social security no.#, and general medical information is already occurring. How many times have YOU heard about your CREDIT and how to ESTABLISH (establishment) it? Bad credit = no go; good credit = you're ok.

The system is based on control. It is already common to hold plastic money (credit/debit cards); paper money is becoming a burden and will soon be done away with. The introduction of all these new bills and coins is to keep the ignorant amused.

They say it is for your own convenience and SECURITY that these changes are being made. That is a lie! Credit will soon be the only world market. It will be able to change value by instantly separating world economies (British pound, German mark, etc.) and using the exact exchange rate without having to use a bank or soon ATM's!!! This is a reality! and you say it doesn't have proper scriptural backing!?!

The card will soon also be eliminated to usher in the Neo-Tech Smart-Chip. These kinds of chips are already being used in pets (for location/theft/lost) and in (hello) Europe in CHILDREN!!!!

Coincidence!?! Bar-code = lead strip on cards = credit I.D. = Social Security No.# = New World Order = CAN'T BUY OR SELL WITHOUT IT!!!!

Yes America's involved in this. The ten horns are ten political powers backing this system. In Matt.24:29-31 hasn't yet occurred so you can forget about that interpretation, unless you'd like to tell me where Jesus is or where he went.

I continue to dig probably deeper than anyone i know and still try and hold onto God. Many dig and forget they're lost down there somewhere. But i can't sit around and pretend in this bubble-gum, plastic, hamster's cage, that THEY aren't trying to control and manipulate us!

We need to get out of it, "come out of her my people, lest you share in her plagues...".That means us and the plagues are already being manufactured by the Gov't in their labs. All they will need to have their SEALS broken is a really big earthquake!!! Just like the Bible says!

We can see the signs like a tree beginning to bear fruit, yet we lie to ourselves and drown once again into this SYSTEM.

I know this is a lot to read, but take your time. The truth takes forever to explain, because that's how old it is!

When the moon darkens and the sun does not give its light, when the stars fall from the heavens (and they WILL scorch the land) when the Earth quakes terribly we will know!!! It will be a time unlike any others, no, nor will ever happen again! IT's coming! We need to wake up and see the Truth, "OUR WORLD'S GONE TO SLEEP!"

Wake up,

Truth Seeker


As far as religion goes i bet you're gonna tell me you guys are the ones.....



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