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Conversation #006

The sanctuary "underfoot"

From Truth Seeker

Dear Ron,

Sorry my reply is late in coming, but i've been away for a few days, thank you first off for responding.

Thank you for the info on the meteor page, i knew what they were but didn't know that the study of them started in 1833.

Now to continue, are these events expressed by this pastor something you all believe in (that they're signs from God?) according to a bit that i read in "cosmic conflict"1844 was when Jesus entered his heavenly temple or something to that effect...,

but didn't scripture allot that time for how long it would be trampled under foot? And by saying "foot" wouldn't that mean enemy occupation? and if an enemy, Satan?

How do you reason that the count of those 2300 years begins in 457BC, when the temple (sanctuary) wasn't even in existence? Is it true something significant occurred in Jerusalem in 353BC making it come out to the date of 1948 the very year the Jews reclaimed their nation back from "the Gentiles"?

Most of what was said about the sanctuary being spiritual (made by heavenly hands) seems to fit, but why the dating from the declaration to rebuild the (earthly temple) in 457BC? It doesn't make sense to me.

Another thing to ponder is the infamous "MARK OF THE BEAST", 666, he said it's a spiritual mark by way of "boycotting", but is this true? It says specifically that NO ONE will be able to buy or sell without" IT"!

We all buy or sell using money, not spiritual boycotting or whatever,

since we all use money we all use the mark, correct? Or is it that a day will come when we'll have to use a one-world-credit-currency to be able to buy or sell? It's already occurring, this you can’t deny, and the formation of Euro-dollar with another attempt to unite Europe is also occurring and matches prophecy to a "T"!!!

i don’t know if you know it or not but these prophetic fulfillments, happening right now seem to suggest error in your present idea of prophetic fulfillment. I don’t know all you believe, but if what you said is true and it's not about who's right and who's wrong, why don’t you all just drop the" religion" issue, band together, and stand open-minded in the search for the truth?

Your divisions are not helping people at all! Nuff for now,

Truth Seeker


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